Not printing from IE8 in Vista

Pc running Vista sp2 with new 2008 print server.  We installed new printers at this location a couple of weeks ago and since then, they have had trouble printing from IE8, when they try, it locks up IE8.  I looked at kb97347 but it didn't help.  Tried printing as Admin and it will print, just takes forever.  Printer is Dell 5330dn and drivers are updated on the server.  
Worst part is, it is intermittent.  We do have other locations with exact same setup, no problems at all.
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Did you try removing the printer from the client and re-adding it again? Since the printer is hosted by the server the operation is quite fast and does not need administrative permissions.

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Both server and client are x86? Does the server use the latest drivers which are dated Feb 26th? I know you already wrote you're using the latest but I kindly ask for confirmation.
meAuthor Commented:
Yes, the printer has been removed and drivers (including all older) deleted from the pc's.  This was done under both user and admin accounts.  Both pc and server are x86 and yes they are the latest drivers.  

It seems to have more to do with IE more than anything else.  The user can print from the web using Chrome with no problems, only problem is, we use a third party web interface that will only work in IE.  They had IE7 when the problems began and we upgraded them to 8 in hopes that was the issue.
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Since you moved from 7 to 8, did you consider moving to 9?
meAuthor Commented:
I have actually downgrade our pc's with Win7 from IE9 to IE8 because of that web interface.  But they have recently began supporting it so I may have to try that.
Thank you. I suggest to try on one Vista client first and see what happens. Are there any warnings/errors in the Windows Application and System logs both on the client and the server related to those never-ending prints?
AFAIK the driver provides two kind of drivers: PCL and PS. Which one are you using? A user does not print at all (IE 8 freezes) but an Admin does print but takes a very long time. The server keeps track of the dimension of each printed document and reports many infos: the ones actually useful are number of pages and, most of all, size of the spool file. I kindly ask you to have a look at the problematic prints and inspect the related Windows Log. They could report that a simple page generates a spool file of tens of MB.
meAuthor Commented:
I will check them out and get back hopefully tomorrow about it.  Thanks
Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
Is the DNS for the Print Server and the clients reporting into the same infrastructure and does it appear to be working?  Are you using WINS within the environment?

Intermittent long delays may be a sign of name resolution issues to the server.  Whenever it doesn't take a long time could be a result of the last resolution still being cached.

Alternatively, on clients experiencing this issue, do file transfers take longer than expected?

It may seem unrelated, but NIC or video drivers on the Client or Server may need updating.  [Video drivers and print drivers work together for the WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) interface]
meAuthor Commented:

They are reporting to same infrastructure and we are using WINS.  

Not sure about file transfers taking longer, I really haven't noticed it taking any longer the usual.  

The print server is on the DC, which is brand new, just put in place a little over a month ago, so it does have latest drivers installed.  At first I thought it may have something to do with the new DC, but like I said, problem didn't exist until the new printers were installed just a couple of weeks ago.  I have verified the DNS and WINS information is correct on both the pc's and the printer.  I will check for new drivers for the pc's first chance I get.  Thanks
meAuthor Commented:
@ Delphineous

Updated the drivers on the pc but it didn't make a difference

@ strivoli

Upgraded one to IE9 and it didn't help either

We did go ahead and check to view ALL websites in compatibility view, we'll see what happens.
meAuthor Commented:
:: update ::

has worked fine since Monday, but today, same thing, won't print from IE.  this really makes no sense.  going to format just the pc, it seems to really be dragging now too.
meAuthor Commented:
Formatted the pc and all is well now.  Thanks for trying.
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