Exchange 2010, Messages not going out... or are severly delayed.

Have Domain Controller providing DNS
Have 1 Exchange 2010 Server on network
Authoritative DNS is Godaddy, MX records point to our Exchange server
Can receive mail from anyone, no problem.
We can send to each other inside the office from Outlook
It appears we cannot send to an external recipient or it is very delayed.

Where/How do start troubleshooting this?
Is it DNS or a SEND CONNECTOR config issue?
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Have you looked at the event log? Also, in EMC - what do the delayed messages say, there should be a code?
tech911Author Commented:
I can see the messages in the Queue with the Queue viewer, the status is ready, there are two addresses both going to the same domain.  

I have an account on that external domain, when I login via webmail (its a godaddy POP/IMAP Account) I am receiving email from other senders.

These messages are just hanging.

What else can I tell you that will help with the diagnosis? (DNS? Send connector?)
tech911Author Commented:
Just found this in the Queue Viewer

451-4.4.0 Primary target IP address responded with a 554 Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTA's poor reputation.

Our ISP is WOW Internet and we do have a business account, do you think we are on a blacklist somewhere (I will check MXToolbox now).  How can we improve our reputation, we don't send out spam, there are only 4 of us in this office.
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Yes, I think you are being blacklisted. You have to make sure that your systems are clean. If your systems send SPAM without your knowledge, it can hurt your rep. I suggest an outbound host to monitor, but they are not free
tech911Author Commented:
Good news - we are not on any blacklists.

Bad news - when we go to and put in our IP we get a rating of POOR

Working from the server out, what settings should I be checking for; both in DNS and in Exchange.
tech911Author Commented:

Alan Hardisty where are you?

I need to confirm what DNS entries I should have on my local DNS server (The one that resides behind my firewall on my Domain Controller).
tech911Author Commented:
So I tracked down the error.

My ISP had the wrong reverse DNS entry entered for our mail server, thus "INSERT EXPLODING NOISE HERE" everything was wacky and having issues.  Now that this egregious error has been corrected I expect everything to work correctly.

Not sure how to close this post correctly - Moderator please review info provided by geodash and advise as to correct course of action.  Should I award points or not?

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I am glad you found the error. You can close the question and award no points if you found the answer yourself.
tech911Author Commented:
I found the solution by digging into the config/operation of the phone itself.  See the post for the details.
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