getting the message bash: lsmod: command not found

hi ,

i am working on RhEL server and almost every command i type i get
bash : command not found

i did

# bash

tried and nothing

i did

# PATH = /sbin/bash


any ideas ?
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c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
i am sorry , i menat


and no luck
The PATH variable setting is not correct. Did you try to logout / login again. Try to source ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile with command

. ~/.profile


. ~/.bash_profile

Please note the dot and space in the above commands

Then see what you get when you run

echo $PATH

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Patrick TallaricoDecision Support and Systems AnalystCommented:
Check this out and see what you PATH environment variable is looking at.
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Try setting your path like this:

export PATH

Then try one of your commands.
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
i did and i got he following

[h80613@ussef301 proc]$ ~/.bash_profile
bash: /home/h80613/.bash_profile: Permission denied

do i need to be added to sudo group ?
did you try to source the .bash_profile as shown above?
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
[h80613@ussef301 proc]$ pATH=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
[h80613@ussef301 proc]$ export pATH
[h80613@ussef301 proc]$ lsmod
bash: lsmod: command not found
please note that you have a typo in pATH it should be PATH
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
yes , u r right . I typed it correclty and it worked.
you may add the commands to ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile
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