Need help installing Citrix Receiver on multiple computers

We just had a company install Citrix XENAPP 6.5 and I'm trying to get Citrix receiver working on my first computer.  They sent me instructions but unfortunatly before I could get to them they were closed for the day.  I get to the section in the attachment and when I right click all it states in "no item available"  How do I configure Receiver?  Points are MAX because this is critical.

Also the installer gave me the command line below that I have to run on every computer to get receiver installed.  Is there a way to automate this?  

I can't believe Citrix made it harder to use the program.  Program Neighborhood was simple.

CitrixReceiver.exe ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,PN_Agent,DesktopViewer,USB" SERVER_LOCATION=
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAsked:
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Yes you can automate this and in fact you can do it in several different methods.

Method 1:
Setup Citrix Merchandizing server.

Method 2:
Automate this using GPO/GPP to publish the command line batch file

Method 3:
Utilize third party software delivery solution like SCCM, altiris or Precision if you have one to push the installation to all your PCs

Method 4:
As this is the normal Citrix Receiver (not the Enterprise) put the command line in a batch file and ask each user to run it from his/her local PC - not a real automation though ;)
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help on the second part of my post.  Any ideas on the first part?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Sorry for missing that.

However, I noticed that you included PN_Agent in the ADDLOCAL parameter with CitrixReceiver.exe. This will not work as PN_Agent component is only available with the CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe.

I believe that it is not working properly for you because the SERVER_LOCATION value should be between quotation - that is:
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J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Can you please send me exactly what you believe the command line should be?
Jayanta SarmahCommented:
CitrixReceiver.exe ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,DesktopViewer,USB" SERVER_LOCATION=""
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,USB,DesktopViewer,PN_Agent" SERVER_LOCATION=""

First note that you need the CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe file to run the above. Second should be the name of your Web Interface server.

If you only want to connect through web and launch published apps from the web, then the command should be:

CitrixReceiver.exe ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,USB,DesktopViewer" SERVER_LOCATION=""

For more options and infor, read this article:
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Should I uninstall first?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
If you want the Citrix Receiver Enterprise - then yes!

Otherwise, you can manually change the server name through the receiver itself by right-clicking the plugin and then clicking 'Change Server'.
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I reinstalled it and still have no options and it doesn't connect to the Citrix server.  What am I missing?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
What 'options' you are referring to???
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I apologize if I'm not doing this correctly.  I used to using Program Neighborhood.  So after I've installed Receiver, how do I connect to my Citrix servers?  I don't see how.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
If you want to use the applications from desktop and start menu (program-neighborhood like) then you must use the Citrix Receiver Enterprise version and have a services site configured on the web interface.

Your published applications should also be configured to show on the desktop and/or start menu.

Once configured as above, you should be able to access your applications from the desktop/start menu as before (but no more applications from the icon on the system tray as before).
Citrix Receiver requires Web Interface to act as an intermediary, whereas the old Program Neighborhood did not use Web Interface.  Do you have Web Interface installed in your environment?

Citrix Receiver first makes contact with Web Interface and then a series of activities occur before the user is ultimately connected to a server that presents the application.  The old Program Neighborhood went straight to a server.

It's a bit confusing that the name for the client software (ICA Client, Program Neighborhood Agent, Citrix plug-in, Citrix Receiver, etc.) and web sites (XenApp Services, XenApp Web, etc.) have changed over the years.
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
@joharder, yes both our Citrix servers have the Web interface set up.  Receiver works fine on my tablet, but I can't get it to work on the computer.
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Did you guys quit on me?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
No we did not ;)

I kind of didn't get what you did last. The question is: do you want to access your applications from a web browser only? Or do you want them to appear also on your desktop and/or start menu?

If it is the former then you install the CitrixReceiver.exe as in the command provided. The SERVER_LOCATION value should contain the name of your Web Interface server! If your Web Interface site has been configured then you should be set. How to access from now hereafter: you should open your IE (or web browser) and type the address of your configured web site in this form "http://ServerName/SitePath"

If it is the latter you want you need to install the CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe as provided above and you need to have a services site configured on your Web Interface. Againg the SERVER_LOCATION value in the installation should hold the name of your Web Interface server. By installing this, and restarting your workstations (provided that your web services site is configured properly) you should be able to find your apps on your desktop and/or start menu (assuming you have configured your published apps to show on the desktop and/or start menu).
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I'm not really sure how to answer how I want them to appear.  I'd like the same enviroment my users are used to with Citrix 4.0.  I'd just give them the program neighborhood icon and they were good to go.  I use a program called Simplify suite from Tricerat that lets me configure each user desktop.  Simplify works perfectly with Citrix.  
I'm not exactly sure what my SERVER_LOCATION is.  Would it be  that 's how I get to it from a web browser. The name of the server internally that is one of the new Citrix servers is spcala179.  Is that the SERVER_LOCATION?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
if refers to the server spcala179 then try modifying the server name value in the SERVER_LOCATION="http://spcala179". I will assume that as you are reaching to through web browser that it should be your Web Interface server.

So do your current users find their apps directly on their desktops and launch them from there without the need to open a web browser and browsing to there? If this is the case then CitrixReceiverEnterprise should be your choice. Again ensure that your published apps on XenApp 6.5 have been configured to show on the desktop. And, of course, the consultants should have setup a services site in your Web Interface server to work that way.
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I'll try your suggestion
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
changing the install to spcala179 didn't work.  When I click the Receiver it just pops up with the preferences.
Receiver is supposed to connect the computer to the citrix servers correct?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
The receiver will connect you to the citrix servers when you first launch the application (or with pre-launch setup). To launch the application you do so from the web interface or from the desktop if you have the Enterprise version.

Clicking on the receiver itself it will provide you preferences and connection center once connected. The preferences will allow you to change user settings, server name and the like.

The receiver is not the client itself. It is a container which contains the latest online plugin (full online plugin with the Enterprise version). This is visible when you click on the prefernces.

I saw from another thread that your issue is with IE 9. This means you're on the right path in the way your try to launch your applications. I have posted there how to resolve the IE 9  issue.

Hope this clears it up.

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J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
@Mutawadi helped me solve another problem using the Web Interface so I'd like to stop this post because I can't get it to work. I'm not saying you haven't given me the solution, I'm say I can't figure it out.  Also my support company has been of little help.  You both have been more helpful.

How do you want to proceed?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
It is all upto you. If you feel that none helped to resolve your issue you can close the question without allocating any points. If you feel that some posts from the experts did give some insights to your issue you might want to consider closing the question and allocating some points and if you wish they can be distributed.

If you still have concerns about how to proceed you can consult Experts Exchange admins.
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks post 37814307 explained what I needed to know
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