I Need A Way Or Means To COMPLETELY Remove The Global Menu FROM ALL Aspects (And Programs) From My Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-Bit?

Hello. I have a question to ask you regarding Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit.

With the new Unity GUI for Linux Ubuntu v11.04 and newer, there was numerous changes I have been reading. There is one change that I go against a group of online supporters regarding the window's menu that was integrated into the titlebar of a maximized window and ultimately part of Unity's top bar  where the main menu hidden out of view. This is referred to as the Global Menu – part of Unity. I totally dislike it! This is the worst feature to date of the latest version of Linux Ubuntu in my humble opinion. However not all programs or applications when their windows is maximized share their main menu as the title bar and consequently Unity's top bar. The default web browser for Ubuntu – Firefox is one program that DOES or integrates its main menu into the title bar and Unity's top bar when maximized. The default word processing program, LibreOffice Writer when the window is maximized does not utilize the Global Menu. I am told the e-mail client Thunderbird shares this Global Menu like Firefox. Any smaller scaled window still shows the main menu in its old original location prior to Unity, below the window's title bar.

I find the new integration of the menu menu into the titlebar and the titlebar integrated into Unity's top bar when maximized is very annoying as I noted above I do not like it at all! I know I am not alone. I find it difficult to use the Global Menu that is not responsive and readily unavailable when I bring my pointer to Unity's top bar.  

I need a way or means to remove the Global Menu FROM ALL aspects (and programs) of Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 when I maximize a window regardless of the program. Please share with me the method/process/steps in order to COMPLETELY rid my Linux Ubuntu away from the Global Menu!!!

In addition, let me know if any of the three popular Linux Ubuntu customization programs have any functions or features in order to perform the Global Menu removal 'completely':
1. “MyUnity” Configuration Tool
2. CCSM or CompizConfig Settings Manager
3. Ubuntu Tweak

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Go for another Ubuntu version, like Xubuntu, Kubuntu or Lubuntu. With those that don't use Unity you won't have that problem, and you can use a PC more like a PC and not a Tablet or Phone. Or use Linux Mint which uses mate and that is more user friendly, both for PC's and tablets.

Another option could be to wait for the coming version of Ubuntu and where the new Unity I'm told is much better (although probably not in the way you want). It is due shortly, towards the end of this month.

A further option would be to wait something that uses Gnome 4. In the Distrowatch weekly they reviewed the Beta and it is something I just have to laugh at. The Desktop is blue and there is nothing on it, similar to the BSOD of M$ OS's you get when it crashes, and I think that is what it is going to do, crash! You have to navigate it using cryptic key combinations where you'll probably need four hands to get all the necessary keys pressed at a time, and I'm wondering how you will use that on a Tablet without keyboard...

At the moment I just don't see why all are changing their GUI's to something so unpractical.
sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu
# or
sudo mv /usr/lib/indicators3/6/libappmenu.so{,-DISABLED} && unity --reset

and then be happy to have a GUI which works smooth and perfect since it did since ages :-)

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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ rindi & ahoffmann:

Hello. Nice to see you both again!

Thank you both for your comments.

rindi, I first have to say thank you for 'the alternatives' to Ubuntu and the knowledge you have provided. This is something I WILL INDEED look into. Thank you for your opinion. However, at this time, I am going to keep learning Ubuntu and get more familiar with it until such time I will attempt to learn another Linux distribution or version. I need to first and foremost need to have some partial knowledge and understanding of the programming like text based method before ever moving on. I was told that Linux Ubuntu is the safest, most user friendly, and easiest to grasp for newbies coming into the GNU/Linux family by other experts. I see that I am able to remove via apt-get manually remove the annoying features and functions from Ubuntu and this makes for a much better user experience. I do agree with you about Unity on some of its drawbacks. I am giving you 25 points for a good different perspective to my question/thread.    

ahoffmann, thank you for the command. I tried it and I see it do some good. However I still had issues with a Global Menu with programs like Firefox and Thunderbird. So I have been doing some serious hunting online for quite a while now and I found two websites that address 'all the possibilites' that remove all these annoying "dependencies" of Unity, short of completely removing Unity altogether. These are the webpages:

1. http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-disable-global-menu-in-ubuntu-11-10-tip/
2. http://lightrush.ndoytchev.com/random-1/howtodisableglobalapplicationmenuinunityonubuntu1104natty

Now, after performing all the 'removal' steps in text based method in Terminal for both webpages, I have everything the way I like it -- simple! Let me add that to the first webpage I added above, you need to go down to "Billy" (Billy's comment) regarding the Mozilla programs issues to get this Global Menu removed -- it seems the only way to get Global Menu removed. Actions to take in Terminal per Billy:

sudo apt-get remove firefox-globalmenu
sudo apt-get remove thunderbird-globalmenu
Answer Yes helps move the remaining Global Menu issues for the Mozilla apps  
So adding yours, plus remove the "dependencies" (2nd webpage above I have given above):

You could remove any unneeded dependencies for a good measure:
sudo apt-get autoremove

Oh, of the two text line commands you provided in your comment, the first one works for me. The second one did not work for me. I see you said "OR" between one or the other in your comment.  

Now, Global Menu is *COMPLETELY* GONE!!! Hurray!!!

I am giving ahoffmann the remaining 450 points for his answer to this question/thread.

Again, thank you both!
Ubuntu was easy to use before they came up with the new unity Desktop. Now it is terrible though. That's one reason it isn't on no1 spot at distrowatch anymore, Mint has taken it's place...
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