apache port 80 busy

Hi all,

I cannot get apache to start. It says port 80 Busy.
Many posts have suggested skype to be causing this issue. I do not have a skype installed on my PC.
In the command windows when i did a netstat -aon,  i see that port 80 is being used by a PID 4 which is a system Process.
I used netstat -abno which says it cannot obtain ownership information for port 80.

How do i get this working?
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hintcoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try port 8080
Is there any chance you have other web server installed? For example IIS? If yes, try to open windows components/features and uninstall it (Internet information Services).

You can also change its settings to other port: IIS > Web Server > select the server > sites > Default Web Site > Bindings > change port 80 to something else.
rowternetAuthor Commented:
Hi papalala, hintco

I have IIS installed on this PC.
I tried to change the port that apache listens to from the apache->conf->httpdconf

#Listen [::]:8080
Listen 8080

It seems to be running now.
Ok, I'm glad that's run for u.
please accept the solution & close this question.
rowternetAuthor Commented:
Changing port fixed my Issue.
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