D Link dp-101P+ Print server

Anyone know how to reset one of these?  
A predecessor has set it up and password protected it!  And as usual not passed over the password!

I need to reset it and reconfigure it for a new IP Range.  

It says I have to go to d-link to sort this but it looks like d-link dont support this item any more.
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rsimseeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Default Password:
SYSxxxx, where xxxx is equal to the final 4 digits of the MAC Address, OR SYSADMIN.
rapid-blueAuthor Commented:
Thanks  rsimsee  unfortunately that wouldnt let me in!

Ah well

I give up - I will go purchase one!
Sorry, the only alternative listed was to send it back to the factory :(
TimotiStConnect With a Mentor Datacenter TechnicianCommented:
If you have a config backup from the previous guy, this might help:

Another option might be to open up the device, and look for a jumper/connector that Dlink tech support might use to reset it.

rapid-blueAuthor Commented:
Both VERY good suggestions - unfortunately on this print server it didnt work.  

I only put this as B because the solutions didnt work.

Thanks for the help.
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