Winmail.dat coming automatically with a mail attachment.


1) One domain user using outlook sending mails to my domain users Lotus notes client using with some excel attachments but instead of original(.xls) attachment winmail.dat attachment is coming, Can you please help where is the problem.
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The excel file is in the winmail.dat
Change the excel mail format from rtf to text or html (other mailers have problems understanding outlook rtf format)
if the problem still persist (outlook 2007) apply

the contents of the winmail.dat can be read with or similar software
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Thanks All..
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Microsoft Exchange and Outlook e-mail clients when sending messages formatted as Rich Text Format (RTF), Microsoft Exchange thinks that it is sending a message to another Microsoft e-mail client; it extracts all the formatting information and encodes it in a special TNEF block. It then sends the message in two parts - the text message with the formatting removed and the formatting instructions in the TNEF block. On the receiving side, a Microsoft e-mail client processes the TNEF block and re-formats the message.

Unfortunately, most non-Microsoft e-mail clients cannot decipher (decrypt) TNEF blocks. Lotus notes also.

How to Resolve the Problem

Outlook user needs to deselect the checkbox labeled: "Always send to this recipient using Microsoft Exchange rich text format in the Personal Name & Address Book. "
On the domino side you can just enable a notes.ini setting to let domino convert it back.

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Guys, this is a 55 points question...
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