Moving Public Folders From one Exchange 2010 to another Exchange 2010


We have two sites for our school in separate towns.  Both sites are linked via 100MB/s link.

I would like to move some public folders from SiteA to SiteB because they are only relevant for users at SiteB.  I have already setup the replicas on the 5 folders I want to move and can confirm that they have replicated.

How do I perform the next step of moving the replicated folders permanently from ExchanePF1 in SiteA to ExchangePF2 in SiteB? so that the contents of these five folders do not reside on ExchangePF1 anymore..  Ideally I want to be able to do this via GUI..

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Add the pf replication to exchangePF2 hrough GUI for the 5 folders and once the data is replicated, you can remove the pf's in echangePF1 server. You can check the size of the pf's on both the servers and compare.
fais79Author Commented:
thanks for the answer..

The data has fully replicated frm PF1 to PF2 for all 5 folders last week.. What happens after I remove PF1 from the replica list? does PF1 removes the contents from it's DB for those 5 folders?
Nothing will happen. No it wont remove the contents on those pf's you have to remove the pf's from that server and if you feel no one are not using in that server, you can even remove the public folder store.
fais79Author Commented:
Our PF folder structure is as below..

Only the folders called SiteB are relevant to PF2 therefore, now that they have replcated OK to PF2 do I remove the PF1 from the replica on SiteB and then right click all SiteB's and remove? from PF1 server?

- Default Public Folders
   - English
      - SiteA
      - SiteB

   - Maths
     - SiteA
     - SiteB

   - Science
     - SiteA
     - SiteB
Just remove PF1 from the replica list on each of the "Site B" folders.

The replicas specify exactly which PF databases will hold copies of those public folders, so just remove the replica and the data should be removed in due course.

Of course, the hierarchy will still be replicated around your servers, because the stores need to know where the content replicas are located.


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