Outlook 2010: contacts deleted / replaced

Hi Everyone,

We have a user whos contacts have been erased and replaced with another users contacts.

Unfortunately, 3 other users have full access to her contacts folder.

Is there any way that we can track who deleted / replaced her contacts?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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Mailbox Level Auditing should be enabled to find the deletion information. Below article will help you to enable this.


NB:-This is should be enabled prior to the event; otherwise no way to find.
It is quite taugh to do in Exchange 2007, unless you do have third party tool installed like http://www.quest.com/changeauditor-for-exchange/
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks :-)
Is this the best tool there is?

We will acquire the necessary software and pin the accountable in future, as the guilty is now dead!!
They have online lab where you can test this software
If auditing was not enabled prior to this happening, then you cannot track the person who made the changes. Maybe nows a good time to enable it.
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