windows 7 pro , personalization not responding

I keep geting messages reporting that i should set my desktop settings to basic to improve performance. Which is ridiculous this is a high end lenovo with 4gb memory etc etc. When i try to change personalization i get a not responding response(!) and the programme hangs.This machine is with me following virus attacks which have all been resolved, I,ve run sfc with no errors. Ideas please
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oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
i had seen that but there isn't a reply or repair. still worth trying ?
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Problem stems from warning message about low resources and that a basic theme would be better. Changed aero 3 d back to off and indeed changed screen control to performance but still get low resources error message.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
machine reb uilt from scratch, but not by me !
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