SCVMM 2008R2 administration to limit user access to specific VMs

Hi Experts

Can anyone help me with this one, I'm at a loss

I want to install the SCVMM 2008R2 client on a number of desktops to allow users to connect to a sepcific server(s)

Is there any way I can give an individual user access to a pre defined group of servers


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emadallanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to configure self service portal, then your client will manager specific VMs using their browsers, for more info:
HyperAdvisorAuthor Commented:
Hi emadallan

Thanks, I had gotten that far, it's the next step I'm not sure on

I have 80 VMs running on a 4 node Cluster
I have 8 3rd party providers who want access to their applications for support
I want to create 8 AD accounts so they can logon and have access/visability of only the servers they are supporting

To do this I would have to isolate one of my hosts in a new host group and live migrate the required VMs to the host as required

Is there a way I can select a single VM and give access to a single AD user/group

i think after you finishthe wizard, you need to assign an owner to the VM. Self Service User can access their own VM. You can only assign 1 owner per VM.So if you've multiple user access to the VM, i recommend that you use group account.
also because you are in large virtual environment, you rely on PowerShell rather than GUI, this URL may help you:
HyperAdvisorAuthor Commented:
Hi Emadallan

Thank you so much for the valuable information
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