How can I delete emails after a certain date, without retention policies.

I'm trying to delete emails before certain date (10/01/2011) from one mailbox.  I don't want to adjust any retention policies.  

It looks like in Exchange 2007 there was a simple powershell command (Export-Mailbox) to do this, which doesn't exist in 2010.  Exchange 2010 has Search-Mailbox (doesn't do dates), and New-MailboxExportRequest.  

New-MailboxExportRequest looks like it would do it, but it is unrecognized in Exchange Powershell.
FSYRDirector of ITAsked:
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tobywestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cant test it at the moment, but it may be my typo.

Search-Mailbox -Identity <mailboxname> -SearchQuery 'Received:>$("01/04/2012") and Received:<$("01/05/2012")' -deletecontent

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Wrong type of apostrophe after the last date.

If you are deleting everything from a certain date like you mentioned then this should be sufficient:

Search-Mailbox -Identity <mailboxname> -SearchQuery "Received:<$('01/04/2012')" -deletecontent

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Be aware the search query is based on locality. So date will be in the computers date format and "Received" will be spelt in the language the locale is if different from English.
They changed the Export-Mailbox to New-MailboxExportRequest in 2010 SP1. This command will help you export the emails to a file if you need to back them up before removing them.

It wont remove the files like the -deletecontent switch did with Export-Mailbox. YOu will need to use the Search-Mailbox cmdlet with the -deletecontent switch to do that.

Search-Mailbox -Identity <mailboxname> -SearchQuery 'Received:>$("01/04/2012") and Received:<$("01/05/2012")` -deletecontent

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A side note - you will need to make sure the user that you are trying to perform the New-MailboxExportRequest has the Import Export permission. Otherwise the command may not show as a recognised command.

This can be done with the New-ManagementRoleAssignment cmdlet.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role "Mailbox Import Export" –User Administrator

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FSYRDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I ran the example script and it shows The term 'New-MailboxExportRequest' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script fileor operable program.
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Did you do the permissions before running that cmdlet? You will see that error if the user running the cmdlet doesnt have permission to do Import Export.

If you have then try this:

Launch Exchange Management Shell
Run “Add-pssnapin microsoft*”
Run “Install-CannedRbacRoles”
Run “Install-CannedRbacRoleAssignments”
Close and re-open Exchange Management Shell

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FSYRDirector of ITAuthor Commented:

Well, since I don't have a need to backup the messages, I'm using the Search-Mailbox command that you listed.

It comes up with "Please adjust the date time.  Make sure it is the correct format."
+CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument:  (:) [ ], ParserException
FSYRDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I found the issue.  The single (or double) quotes weren't needed.  Worked like a charm!!  Thanks for the direct syntax.

Search-Mailbox -Identity mailboxname -SearchQuery Received:<$("10/01/2010") -deletecontent
Is there away to run this command, on the entire datastore?  

We implemented an archiving solution and we are trying to delete all emails past a certain date.  The above command would work if we could adjust it to run on the entire database instead of the mailbox.
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