Exchange Administrator Program?

I have an exchange 2007 server that is sending winmail.dat attachments to certain users, and many articles reference the Exchange Administrator Program. How do I access or install it?

I am not looking for a fix for my winmail.dat problem by posting this question. I am strictly curious about the Exchange Administrator Program and how to access it.
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You want the 'Exchange Management Console'.  If you can login to your Exchange server, hopefully it was installed by default.  Alternatively, if you still have the install media and a 64-bit computer/OS, you can install just the management console (and Powershell snap-in) on your workstation.

If you don't have the install media and it wasn't installed on your Exchange server you're going to need to work on getting your hands on another copy of the install media; I don't believe it can be downloaded.  You can, BTW, install it on a 32-bit system but I don't recommend it; I've had problems with the upgrades not working properly and then you won't have access to all the tools you will eventually want.

Once installed, you'll find it under Start--> Programs --> Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

knada242Author Commented:
I am familiar with the console and powershell, but I need the Exchange Administrator Program
I have no context for what that is.  All the Exchange administration programs and tools I know are built in and around the EMC and Powershell.

Can you send me a link to one of those articles so I can try to figure out what they're referencing?
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Are you talking about managing it remotely from another PC, or from the console of the Exchange server?
knada242Author Commented:
Exactly I haven't heard of it either, but it keeps coming up in every article. Here are a couple of links:

Really I can fix the isssue in the users outlook, but I really curious about this program.
Links didn't come through.
knada242Author Commented:
I suspect they're referencing Exchange 2003 as my 2007 system does not have any of the controls, boxes, or fields being referenced in either article.

Not much help, sorry.
knada242Author Commented:
Yeah, I don't know. The only thing that makes me wonder is the MS article is last dated 7/2/2010.
MS Exchange Server Administrator program was used for managing pre 2003 exchange servers. In 2003 and forward, it was replaced by EMC - Exchange Management Console. This is an error in the document you are reading and needs to reflect EMC instead.

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