Keyboard not working after windows starts


I am using a USB Keyboard on a HP desktop same is working till boot up and also its working BIOS also but after os start its not working. Same USB keyboard working on another system. Pls suggest solution on it

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epichero22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into BIOS and look for an option that specifies something like "USB Legacy Support", ensure that it's enabled as well as any other USB options that may be currently disabled.
Try a different USB Port. Or maybe try updated drivers for the chipset if these are usb ports on the motherboard.
Pancake_EffectConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I remember having this problem with another keyboard. You have to turn on something in regards to legacy USB in the BIOS, probably USB 1.0 support if I remember correctly. Sounds odd, because my keyboard was suppose to be USB 2.0...but it didn't like it.

Another fix I did in a different but same situation was to uninstall all drivers for the keyboard through drive manger etc then I had to put it in a different USB slot and re-install drivers.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the keyboard works in the BIOS, you don't need to make any hardware changes, including BIOS settings.  Since it stops working in Windows, it's probably a Windows issue, and you can fix some USB problems by removing the the USB driver in device manager, rebooting, and letting the drivers reinstall on their own.
What operating system is it?  I've found that Windows XP doesn't install USB drivers until you log in.  Which sucks because how can you type in a password with no keyboard?  If it is XP, try using a PS2 keyboard until you get to Windows, then plug in the USB keyboard.
Check the region/location settings in the control panel.
AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
I have done all above the but still issue remain same. Pls suggest other solution.
Make sure you don't have malware on the system, which can intercept inputs.  I recommend TDSSKiller to handle rootkits, MalwareBytes, and MSIE.

If you don't have malware, a repair install may be necessary to fix system files.  For XP, you follow the instructions here:
AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
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