Extract data from QNAP drive

I have a QNAP TS-419P with two drives in RAID 1 configuration.  The QNAP became unresponsive and was restarted and I ended up getting network error messages along with a host of other configuration messages.  Basically the QNAP configuration is hosed up, but I believe the data on the drives should still be there intact.  

Does anyone know how I can connect one of these drives to another computer as a slave to pull the data off it?  I believe the QNAP is a Linux based system so I will most likely have to boot to linux on the other computer, but not sure how to go about it all.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
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I think your best option would be to get a replacement NAS of the same type, put your disks in there and then see if you can access the data.

Otherwise try booting your PC using the PartedMagic LiveCD with the QNAP drive attached. Depending on the file-system that was used you may be able to mount the partitions of the drive and access it to copy the files off (the Partition Editor tool on the CD could show you the file-system type). There are also tools included on the CD, Testdisk and Photorec, with those you can scan drives and extract data:

CMHTechAuthor Commented:
Great tool!  I hadn't ever used that before, looks useful.  

I have it booted and can see both of the hard drives.  The local one is mounted, but the one from the QNAP won't.  That drive shows up as 4 different mountable partitions /media/sdb1, /media/sdb2, 3 and 4 etc.  A couple are 517mb, one is 486mb, and the other is 930gb and thats obviously the one I would like to get into.  The first 517mb partition is the only one that will mount (when I mount that one it also mounts the cd-rom).  Any ideas on how to get into the 930 gb partition?  I believe the file system is ext3 which the parted magic should be able to handle.  

Thanks for the tip so far!
If the mounting tool can't mount it automatically it is possible that HD is bad or the file-system corrupt. Also, the smaller partitions probably hold the OS and maybe the swap partition.

What I would start off with is to test the HD's using the diagnostic utility of the manufacturer. Some of them can repair some errors if they aren't too many, and it should also give you an idea whether the disk is OK or not.

You'll find those tools on another useful CD, the UBCD:


Once you've done and you can try the PartedMagic LiveCD again, open the Partition Editor, then right click on the partition you want to mount. You should have a "check" option (or something similar). with that you run the Linux version of chkdsk which will try to fix file-system errors. Once that is done you could try mounting the partition (or you could also run the check on the other partitions, if the errors are fixed chances are that when you return the disks to the NAS it'll start normally...).

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CMHTechAuthor Commented:
I don't think that the original problem was the hard drives themselves, but the configuration of the QNAP storage unit.  It was giving me DNS configuration errors (even though it had worked with that setup up until that point, and was configured exactly like another one I have onsite here), and it wouldn't allow me to make any changes or backup to external drive.  I put the drives into my other QNAP to see if I could access the data off them, but instead of seeing the folders I had on the drives I saw the folders of the other QNAP which of course weren't accessible, like it had kept the configuration of the original drives.  

I still haven't been able to mount the drives when booting up to Parted Magic, but it is showing the drives as a Linux RAID configuration.  If I boot into Windows 7 on the computer with the drive hooked up as a slave it shows the drive as 930GB capacity with 930GB (100%) free.  Is it possible it just doesn't recognize the ext3 file system of Linux and thats why it shows 100% free? The drives should have 1GB of data on them (medical records no less, so very important).  

Any more help is appriciated!
As far as I know the OS of the QNas is stored on the HD's (I don't really have QNas experience, but with synology and some Thecus NAS, and there the OS is stored on the disks. That means that if you change the disks to another NAS you'll take the OS with you, and if it is a disk problem you'll also take the problem with you.

I think you need to run the repairs I mentioned earlier to get access. If the file-systems have errors on them you won't be able to mount them.

The other option is to use testdisk and if you can't recover the data via that, also try photorec (both of these tools are included with PartedMagic).

Maybe, if the HD test went without errors, you could also try a QNas firmware upgrade, but that I'd try only if nothing else helps.

If there really is no good backup of the NAS, and the data is worth the recovery cost, then consult a recovery agency in your area.
CMHTechAuthor Commented:
Well, so far I have found one application in that mix that gets me to the files.  On the UBCD I can go into HDD Partition Management / Partition Saving / Explore a Partition and then to the disk that's my 1TB, open the 3rd partition and I can see the folder structure on the disk.  In there I can see the folder that contains all the files I want.  On the bottom of that screen is a menu of options and the 6th one is copy.  It won't let me copy the whole folder at once, I am not sure why or how to get that done.  But I can expand the folder and copy individual files to a USB drive successfully.  

When it copies the files it gives a warning that 'Source driver uses long names when destination driver does not use them. This can lead to shortened names without their corresponsding long name...' and has a Yes or No button.  Clicking yes will copy the file with a short name ending with ~, which I would have to go through and rename back to the original.  This whole process is possible, and is much better than where I was before with the prospect of losing the files, but a way to copy the whole folder would be much better.  Any ideas on this?  There are maybe 1000 files.
That tool probably uses some sort of DOS which can't access long file-names. But I don't really know it so I can't tell you more about it.
CMHTechAuthor Commented:
The partition tool on UBCD was the key to getting the data. I was able to copy entire folders at a time and have all my data back now (whew). The PartedMagic cd was also a good suggestion and will come in handy in the future too. Thanks for your help!
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