SSRS loading problem

We have a simple report that sometimes runs fine and other times just keeps saying it is loading.

I can run other reports that are very complex and the report pops right up, but not this one.

I have stopped and restarterd the services, but that did not help.

Any Suggestion?
E J PopeAsked:
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E J PopeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have upgraded our SQL with a patch and that seems to have solved our problem.
SThayaTechnical MAnagerCommented:
can you increase virtual memory in your server or sytem
SThayaTechnical MAnagerCommented:
E J PopeAuthor Commented:
The virtual memory is fine.

I looked at the times and data retrieval is where the problem is.

We did find that there is a service pack suggested by MS, so we are going to do that.

Any ideas to track down the data retreival time problem?  (Sometimes the data retrieval is quick and sometimes it is awful).
E J PopeAuthor Commented:
We figured out what to do.
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