Exchange 2010 ActiveSync with Galaxy S2

Have Exchange 2010 setup and running.
Activesync is functioning properly
Have Samsung Galaxy 2 Android based phone
Activesync is working, I can confirm connection to server.
Contacts are syncing
Outlook to phone calendar appointments and events are syncing

Appointments/Events created on phone calendar are NOT syncing to Outlook?

Please advise
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I use a program called TouchDown. Donwload a free version of it on the Android Market. With a mix and match of Droid phones, some were having the issue you describe, some were having other issues syncing with the built in corporate sync. I have installed Touchdown on every phone now, NEVER an issue!

The program is not free after the 30 day trial, but you will get what I am saying, you will not have any issues at all with the sync, compared to native Corporate sync. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the native sync is horrible. Touchdown is BEAUTIFUL!

Try it just to see what I mean.
Forgot to tell you, it also syncs your Notes to and from outlook to the device. Awesome feature!
touchdown recommended here also
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tech911Author Commented:
Guys not to be disrespectful, and thank you for the suggestions, but I just want to get it working using the native Exchange 2010 ActiveSync.

Any idea's where to look to troubleshoot?
Like I said - good luck. I have hundreds of users with active sync issues all the time using native client sync. Only way I know to force it to start working is to remove the account, re-add it, then it works for a while, then breaks again. Its a issue android users have been complaining about for a LONG time, thats why they made Touch Down, because...well "It Just Works"

For a suggestion, I would say remove the account and re-add it, it should work for a while and break again like clockwork. :-)
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Check in OWA - if the amended contact (amended on the Galaxy) makes it to OWA then the problem is with Outlook.

If the amended contact (amended on the Galaxy) doesn't make it to OWA - then the Galaxy is the problem.

Delete and re-create the relevant side of the equation that isn't working properly.
The reason I recommended Touchdown is because it was taking up too much of my time troubleshooting "why" userA's phone lost connection again, or why userB cannot upload contacts this time and userC cannot sync calendar items again.

I evaluated the product and we pushed it to our clients within a week. I have not had a SINGLE service call since regarding sync from phones and we have Droids of all flavors - Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc.

Just a key piece of info regarding my experience.
tech911Author Commented:
Hey Alan,

Just to be clear, my issue is with Calendar, but I assume the aforementioned steps apply.  I will test and reply shortly.
tech911Author Commented:
Problem is on phone, deleting now will update
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Yep - the same steps to troubleshoot apply.  Sorry if you had said calendar - I'm remotely fixing two servers at the moment, so my mind is all over the place!
tech911Author Commented:
Deleted Account
Recreated Account

Created appointment in Outlook => Synch'd to phone correctly

Appointments in phone do NOT sync with Outlook - NO JOY  :- (

Very odd - I actually have this working perfectly at 3 client sites each with about 20-25 users, yet my own implementation doesn't work.

Any idea's at this point...
Have you rebooted the offending phone? I have found this help in refreshing items in the past.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
What version of android is it running?
tech911Author Commented:
Android Version 2.3.6

Kernel Version
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Good - 2.2 didn't work very well apparently.

What AV software is on the server?
tech911Author Commented:
MS Security Essentials - Nothing major - No symantec - We are not a big office.
tech911Author Commented:
Alan - Figured it out.

IF you have more than one email account on your phone (in my case there is my Exchange account and by default android forces you to create another account "gmail") THEN when you create and appointment it (the android OS) selects a default email to associate with the appointment for sync-ing.

In my case it was selecting the gmail account for syncing, as soon as I switched the associated email on the appointment, hit sync now, it was in my Outlook.

Now I just have to figure out how to set the Exchange Account as the default account for all appointments.

Thanks for your help, if it is OK with you I am going to give some point to geodash as well, since he was trying to help.  Let me know if you are cool with that, then I will accept the solutions.


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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Technically as you figured out the problem on your own - you should accept your own comment as the solution, but they are your points and you can do with them what you like.

The main thing is that you have an answer.

Well done.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Great closing comment - thanks for adding it and good call on the points too.  You solved it, so we shouldn't get them :)

tech911Author Commented:
As noted, I technically figured it out myself.  Just to revise for the next person who has the problem.

On a Samsung Galaxy S2

When synchronizing calendar(appointments/events)

When creating an appointment on your phone, the droid OS will automatically associate the appointment with the first email listed in your "accounts" list for sync purposes, unless you tell it otherwise.

Once you select another email to associate with an appointment, that email will become the default until you change it again via creation of another appointment. This is particularly important when you are trying to sync with Exchange via activesync because your Exchange account is almost always the second or third account in your accounts list.

To change the associated email for an appointment, create a new event(appointment) on your calendar, put in the pertinent information, scroll down to where you see the word Calendar, hit the button to open it up, and select the account you want to use.
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