How to handle large amounts of data without timing out sql server or web app

I have a marketing application that has section where a user can build a targeted marketing list by performing a search based on selected criteria. In this instance the user has people in groups and is creating a list of all people in all groups. The query to get this list has several joins to pull back the desired information. it contains a WHERE IN that has the ID's for each group. Once a user has 50 or more groups selected and runs the search the application times out on the sql server box.

I need to know if there is a method to performing searches that will get large amounts of data and not time out on the sql server or the web app.

I have attached a txt file with the query for reference. Lets just say in each ID in the WHERE IN section there are at least 100 people records in each group.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Do you have indexes on:
People: PeopleID
PeopleCenters: PeopleID
                           CEID, CenterID
Address: AddressID
States: StateID
Countries: CountryID
Centers: CEID, CenterID
LeagueMembers: PeopleID
Leagues: LeagueID
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
That should have read:
People: PeopleID
PeopleCenters: PeopleID
                           CEID, CenterID

Have you considered wrapping up those LeagueIDs into a temporary table and joining against that?
What is your front-end language?

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RCairns54Author Commented:
Yes, all the indexes are there.

I haven't tried using a temp table to join against.

The application is in C# and Silverlight. It communicates with a WCF service that talks to sql server 2008. Even running the query through the management studio never finishes. The sql box has 32gb ram and plenty of processing speed....
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Yes, all the indexes are there.
Even running the query through the management studio never finishes

This does not make any sense.  How many rows are your returning?  Have you tried loading the LeagueIDs into a well indexed temp table and then JOINing against it in SSMS?
RCairns54Author Commented:
The problem is the query , Its searching 8 million records , Too many criterias I guess.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
No. Your query is not optimized.  8 million rows is nothing when using tables that are indexed appropriately and a query that is written efficiently.
RCairns54Author Commented:
Turns out I removed one of the joins and the query started working much better.

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