This is a follow up to my question ID27663122.  My OS is win7 Prof 64 bit and my pc is a Dell Vostro 220.  I use Verizon FIOS.   My pc is connected to the router by ethernet.   Despite all the marketing by FIOS my internet speed is far from satisfactory.   A showed a download speed of 3.6 Mbps and an upload speed of 20.41 Mbps.  
There was a suggestion that something must be leeching onto my internet access thus slowing down my upload, download or to load a page.  
The q is whether there is any way of finding out what and which parasites are piggy backing my internet access.  I have disabled all Add Ons.   Thank u.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAsked:
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Just a thought, is your Router a Wireless one? I mean although you have a wired connection to the router, but the Wifi router might be unprotected, Leaving it open for use by your neighbors.

On your own computer you can find out the exact process that is consuming your bandwidth by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Resource Monitor. Look under the Network tab. It will display all processes consuming your bandwidth. Test that by loading a you tube video.

Good Luck!
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to by: wasiftoor, I see a bunch of IP addresses and also processes running, including my dell vostro 220.  

BTW my router also has wireless.  In fact I have configured my laptop to connect by wireless because the speed is so much faster when connected by ethernet.  I have just ordered a usb wireless for the desktop too and am awaiting delivery.  

Is there a way for me to list out the processes that are running so that I can analyze what is what?

Do u think I should require password auth for my router, which will eliminate any visitors from using my router.  If Yes, then I will ask Verizon where I have a tech support to walk me thru.  Thank u
How long is the Ethernet cable from your computer to the modem?
How long is the cable from your modem to the phone socket?

Generally you should keep the modem as close to the phone socket on the wall as is possible and use a short cable to connect it.  The Ethernet cable is the one that is OK to have quite long if it is a good quality one which is not damaged.

Seeing as your Wireless connection speed is faster than the wired speed, the first thing to do would be swap your Ethernet cable and see if it improves the speed.  If so, throw the previous one away.

If there is no improvement, enter your modem's internal configuration pages and there temporarily disable the Wireless functionality, then test the speeds using a short Ethernet cable and a short modem to phone socket cable.  If that improves the connection speed, then swap to a longer Ethernet cable and test.

Different makes of modems have different IP Addresses to get into their internal pages where you would have to be to temporarily disable the wireless functionality of the modem.  Probably the most common is this entered into the address bar of your browser while connected to the modem:
Those last two groups of numbers are the ones that usually differ from make to make, eg. or

There are default UserName and Passwords, and unless you have already set your own name and password you may find that the defaults could still be be "user" and "user" (or something like that).  You should set a password for security reasons.

All these details should be in the user manual for your modem, but if you have any worries about entering the modem's configuration pages, then your ISP's support operative should be able to do so remotely and check that all your settings are correct.

As far as wireless is concerned, the modem's proximity to some cordless phones, speakers, monitors, fridges, microwaves, etc. can cause interference.

Do you know whether a DSL Filter is required for the telephone wall socket into which the modem plugs, or is that the only socket that should not have one?  That is something you should check.
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Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to BillDL, the FIOS router is connected by a FIOS cable which is like a TV cable.  Then the ethernet cables are connected to the FIOS jacks which are yellow in color and show on the router as LAN ethernet connections.  The desktop, laptop all are just about 3-4 feet from the FIOS router.  A shows that when the laptop is connected by wireless  the download speed is 29.38 Mbps while the upload is 24.61.  while the desktop's download speed ios 3.62 and the upload 20.41.  The desktop connection is by ethernet and the desktop does not support a wireless, it is a Dell vostro 220 - so I have ordered a usb wireless card.
Logically I would think that a ethernet cable would give a better speed than a wireless, but in the laptop case it is not so, the wireless' speed is much superior.  
Thus, my try to get a usb wireless for my desktop and to see what speed I get for going wireless on the desktop.
Strange but true.
Thank u.
You should definitely get verizon to put a password on your router. This will take out the possibility of any un-authorized use of your bandwidth.

As i said in my last email you can go to  Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Resource Monitor. Look under the Network tab. This will give you a list of all processes running on your machine generating any network activity. If the process seems unusual you can search for those on google and than look for preventive measures.

In my opinion, the password should do the trick for you in the first place. Many folks suffer from this especially those that live in large apartment complexes like in Manhattan. An unprotected router is like a free dinner buffet.

Good Luck!
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to wasiftoor Verizon tech support, reset the router.  There is a password for it, and she changed the channel from 1 to 7, but we could not run the test from the web site as that program was not working today.  Nor could I go to  So looks like everyone is having a Easter off day.  Thank u.
Let us know about the results of this exercise. When you are putting security on your router make sure that you opt for WPA2/PSK. I can crack WEP keys myself in less than 20 mins.

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Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to wasiftoor, Verizon put the WEP key.  I will call them to change.  Thanks for your information. Thank u.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u
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