PC Build Problem P9X79 PRO

problem with a new PC Build:


Motherboard P9X79 PRO
Case: corsair 400R
Disk: intel SSD 500 series 120GB
CPU: Intel i7 3820 3.6Ghz
VGA: asus GTX 560 PCIe
RAM: 4XDDR3 1600 G.Skill F3-12800CL10D8GB PSU - 650W ANTEC
PSU: ANTEC Truepower 650W

When I power on, some times it posts, sometimes it doesnt (7/10 times it won't post). when it does, i verify that it can see all RAM, and the correct CPU and Disk.

when it doesn't post,  the QCode lights on the mother board show AF (EXIT BOOT Services Event)

I have upgraded the BIOS to Version 0802, I'm unable to upgrade to the latest version.

I have changed the video card PCIe port, same results.. the RAM isn't on the compatible list in the manual, but when it posts,

I have rebuilt everything on outside the chasi to make sure it wasn't short circuit.. same issue.

when i try to boot windows from a USB, it loads the files but once it gets the windows screen, the qcode returns AA and everything freezes...

also, the "boot_device_led" remains constantly red for a long time after it posts..

any idea?
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it's the RAM. Almost has to be...
For testing, disconnect hard disk and any unnecessary peripherals. Leave DVD connected and boot from DVD or disconnect DVD and boot from flash drive. Install one stick of memory and boot. Then try with other sticks of memory. Swap video cards if you have a spare. Check memory settings in BIOS and set conservatively or underclock to stabilize memory.
Perform a reset of the BIOS, and do all your testing with just one RAM stick to minimize variables, as willcomp recommended.  Check to make sure the CMOS battery isn't drained (it should be 3v).  Test with a known working power supply of the correct rating.  Motherboard failures are possible, even new ones, and they are probably more likely than any other component to fail out of the box.
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If you have the M1 version of the 3820 it requires bios rev 0906. Have you tried to use the bios flashback option to upgrade to 0906? If not here's a link that explains how it works.
datacomsmtAuthor Commented:
hey Jamietoner, where does it say it need 0906 for the cpu?

I have tried the following problem still happening:

used 1 DIMM at a time
different HDD
clicked MemOK! to try and boot..
underclocked memory
checked cmos battery.. ok
i have no spare PSU or video card.. no dvd drive :(.. will try and see if i can get any spares today
an upgrade to 0906 using flashback doesn't work... not even with DOS.. it keeps saying "failed integrity check" or something similar..
The cpu support list for the motherboard on Asus's website. the 3820 rev m0 requires bios rev 0802 and the 3820 rev m1 requires 0906.
I recently used the flashback method on an Asus rampage formula IV as it wouldn't complete post with a 3820 rev M1 until the bios was updated to the latest version. I did a full format of a 2Gb usb key to fat32, downloaded the latest bios and renamed it(R4F.ROM) as shown in the instructions(P9X79PRO.ROM for your board), copied the rom file straight to the root of the drive, inserted in into the white usb port, pressed the bios button till it blinked, the light blinkand the usb keys showed activity for a few minutes then it was done. If you cant get the bios to flash it very well maybe the signs of a bad board.

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datacomsmtAuthor Commented:
i have tried new memory, same problem...

I will re-try the bios update for one more time, if it didn't work, it'll have to be a bad mother board...
>> when i try to boot windows from a USB, it loads the files but once it gets the windows screen, the qcode returns AA and everything freezes...

For me in this case, I would suspect motherboard issue as you already try out a new RAM but problem still persist.
datacomsmtAuthor Commented:
jamietoner, how do you know if it is rev m0 or rev m1?
There's a stepping number on the cpu itself.
Here's a pic of an M1 cpu
From what I can find I believe the M0 was the prototype sent to beta testers and the M1 was the actual retail cpu, so most likely you have an M1.
datacomsmtAuthor Commented:
Bad board... replaced and now all good.
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