Windows 7 64-bit Active X in IE9

I have a new laptop running Windows 7 64-bit with IE9.  I'm  trying to connect to a customer VPN.  The VPN is through a Sonicwall.  It asks me to install [1]XTSAC[1].cab.  I answer yes it looks like it is starting then just quits and sits there with no message.

I am also running Firefox 11.0 and can connect without any problems.

The extensions in Firefox show Java Console 6.0.31.
The Toolbars and Extensions in IE9 show Java Plug-In 2 SSV Helper version

Under the Uninstall Programs of Control Panel it shows:
Jave 6 Update 27 (64-bit)
Java 6 Update 31

Any suggestions other than don't use IE9 would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Kaib
Dan KaibAsked:
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Reset IE9 back to complete defaults and delete the cache. When you launch IE9 after, right click and launch as Admin. Manually update Java - go to, download newest version. Close all browsers, install it. then try again
So far, I have had horrible experience with IE9 - I accidentally pushed it to all clients through WSUS - complaints since. Of the clients I have rolled back to IE8 - no issues. But I think if you reset it, install manually and delete cache, you should be ok.
I had a similar problem, so i did uninstall-reinstall of the VPN software. It worked. Give it a try. (I had COX)

I don't think it's a java problem. But for the sakes type java at the cmd prompt, if it's installed fine you shouldn't be getting an error.
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Geodash, what type of complaints?  We have had IE9 running on several hundred Windows 7 Enterprise workstations during our preliminary implementation, and have heard essentially no complaints at all.  If it's configured properly from the very beginning, there may initially be a small learning curve but it is definitely faster and more secure than IE8.  If you "accidentally pushed it to all clients through WSUS" with a default configuration, that was quite possibly the major contributing factor towards any subsequent problems.
The same stuff you are saying - constant ActiveX errors - globally. But it may be the environment as well. I just know my users were far happier with IE8. Maybe they just don't like change!! :-) But its slowly being procedurally rolled out now instead of a global push by a JR Admin to update 500 PC's - that wasn't fun!
Geodash, it sounds like your team has a good handle on things now.

Ultimately, if you implement IE9 with a customized install (including an ideal set of domain group policies pertaining to ActiveX, amongst other things), ensuring that your end-users receive a bit of training regarding the new features and fair warning about the impending upgrade, things will typically go rather smoothly.
Make sure you are NOT running the 64-bit version of IE. 64-bit machines default to 32-bit IE because of plug-in compatibility - the issue you mention could be the attempt to install 32-bit OCX's while running 64-bit IE.

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Dan KaibAuthor Commented:
Everyone thanks for your replies.
Where I stand now is from Geodash, it's not letting me reset IE.  It keeps telling me close all windows programs. I have closed everything possible. This is in IE9 64-bit.  Downloaded and installed latest version of Java no difference.

CSI-Windows_com I did not realize there were 2 versions of IE on the system.  I was able to connect to the VPN through the 32-bit version by adding to the Trusted Sites and checking the Enable Protected Mode box.    My default browser is Firefox but IE9 64-bit is pinned to the taskbar and that is what I was using.  I just noticed in Internet Options that  IE 64-bit cannot be the default browser.

Should IE9 64-bit work with sonicwall?
Scodhk, probably not.  While the 64-bit version of IE9 is faster, it also encounters compatibility problems with add-ons, outside applications, etc.  That's precisely why Windows won't let you set it as the default browser.  The bottom line is that unless you specifically have a compelling need to use the 64-bit version of IE9, you should stick to the 32-bit version.
Dan KaibAuthor Commented:
Thanks Run5k, I'll quit banging my head against the wall.

Thanks to everyone who replied..
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