Mapped drive

Hello, I have 2 computers that we are trying to have the system map a drive a startup up.
We created a script to use net use to map the drive. If we run the script alone it maps the drive and we have access to the location just fine. We then created a scheduled task to run at startup to call the script. The drive gets mapped, however it does not work, due to a log in error. The server we are trying to map to is on a different domain.

Thanks for the help.
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Alright give me the batch file.

Here is an example:

net use * /d

net use k: \\server\share /user:username password
it works as you because you have rights that the system account the script is running under doesnt have.
add domain\user password to the script and yes that could be a security issue having that float around, but there are ways you can address that.

running net use /? will give yo the syntax you need depending on your situation. If the domain is in the same forest, this will work. If not, the trust will need to be established for whatever account the net use command uses.
in the schedule task specify the account that you want to use, (or which you are using to login)
by default it will use system account which will not have access.
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foster5000Author Commented:
So is the scheduled task credentials over riding the script credentials? and the drive is being mapped with the credentials used to call the script?  

Is there any way around it. the domains are not in the same forets. they are currently totally seperate.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Do you have the credentials in the script? Please post the script
Yes. please put the credentials in the schedule task setting to run the task with.
If the domains are in separate forests, I assume you have a Trust established. You will have to use the exact same account for the script as you use to access the share yourself. Otherwise the trust will have to be modified on both ends potentially.

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foster5000Author Commented:
The issue was with the domains not having a trust relationship. Thanks
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