Execute code at runtime in delphi7


I am searching for a solution or a component which allows me to execute code at runtime.
for example..
i have a delphi form with a memo on it. i have a string built at runtime from values in a database like
if ('copy(memo1.lines[0],1,3)' = 'XYZ' ) then
showmessage(string from database)

can someone help me to get through this?

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The only way I can think of, is sending your code to Delphi command line compiler and then execute...
DCC32.EXE, the Delphi Command Line Compiler
Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
I'm sorry but I don't understand. In your example it seems like you are comparing the values of a certain portion of a memo text and a predefined string and if they match you show a message. Or you want that one writes code in the memo and the app have to execute it? If so, this is not possible, since Delphi is a compiled language. If the first thing is what you wnat to do, I don't see the problem... I think i'm missing something...
prampatelAuthor Commented:

thanx for the response..but i think that borland specifically mentions that the compiler cannot be used externally.
I think maybbe i need to use a scripting component to do this, but dont want to purchase one unless i am sure it can do what i need to do.

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For using DCC32.EXE in your application you will need a Delphi license!!!
Compile Delphi Code In Runtime

Perhaps using a script component could be an option for you...
TORRY's: Components > Tools > Scripts
prampatelAuthor Commented:
hi marqusG,

"In your example it seems like you are comparing the values of a certain portion of a memo text and a predefined string and if they match you show a message."

that is exactly what i want to do.. but the strings to compare will be generated from values or commands stored in a database...

i dont have require the user to input code and execute it .

hope this clears the question.

hi thommy..i do have a license, but ill be deploying the application to multiple computers , in that case all of them will have delphi installed wont i?
i have looked at the torry scripts page, still wondering which one would be best for my requirement

prampatelAuthor Commented:
hi marqusG,

sorry i misinterpreted your question .
i will be generating this string
maincmd := if ('copy(memo1.lines[0],1,3)' = 'XYZ' ) then.
so it could also be
maincmd := "shellexecute somefile"
or maincmd = "command from database,var from database,message from database"

thats what i am trying to do...

Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
the text in your memo must go through a parser/interpreter to examine what it has to do
... in essence you want "a programming language" for your customers

here is a sample

if you want to write your own interpreter, take a look at the design pattern for an interpreter

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prampatelAuthor Commented:
hi Geert_Gruwez,

thanks for the solution..it works for me perfectly...have been able to make my own parser based on the links you have provided.

Thanx everyone for all the help.

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