Limit Exchange Store cache 2010

Good morning.  

I know about Exchange releasing memory if it is needed by the server, BUT, we're still having performance issues.  I have 16G in our SBS 2011 Standard and store.exe is taking 8G of that.  Along with the other services running, I'm at 90% of my memory.  the same was true when I only had 8G.  

So, my question is will limiting the store.exe cache size (min and max) help in server performance in the real world.  Some web reading says it will not.  I want to hear it from the experts.

I have found these two articles.

The issue is, when I open ADSIedit.msc, I do not see:

1.  Start ADSIEDIT.msc
2.  Navigate to Configuration > Services > Microsoft Exchange > <Organization Name> > Administrative Groups > <Administrative Group> > Servers > <Server Name> > InformationStore

I have this.  Please see attached.

ADSI Edit Screen Shot
I cannot drill down as instructed, above, to make the changes.  I want to limit the Exchange store to 4G.  We only have 13 users who do not send or receive large attachments.  It is set up for email only and owa.

Thanks for your suggestions and direction.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Once you open ADSIEdit you need to RIGHT Click on the ADSI Edit in the left hand window and select CONNECT TO
Then in the dialog that opens select CONFIGURATION from the dropdown section in "Select a well known naming context"

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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Or just click on ACTIONS and select CONNECT TO
rexxnetAuthor Commented: there.  But, when I click on InformationStore, there are no items in the list.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
You RIGHT click on info store and select properties
rexxnetAuthor Commented: it.  Now, I followed the instructions and set the max size to 131072 for 4G which is exactly as I wanted and the min size to 65536.  This is great so far!  So, to test it, I opened Outlook and watched the memory on the task manager and it jumped slightly, sent and email to myself, jumped slightly again.  Sent an outside email, jumped slightly again.  Now it is at 85,452.  when I close down my Outlook, those numbers do not drop.  Will they eventually?  I'm assuming when it hits that magic 4G, it will not go any higher, right?

I just don't want to leave for the weekend and then things blow up and people start receiving email because of the resources allocated to exchange being limited.  the overall goal is to enhance server performance and exchange was taking far too many resources.
Got the same issue on two exch2010 servers.
The problem is that whenever i restart the IS then amount of used ram is dropping.
After 1 day it is using all of the memory.
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Have you set BOTH the minimum AND maximum?  That worked for me, but I was too chicken to leave it for the weekend shile I was out of town.  I'm pretty sure it was when I stopped and restarted the store service where someone mentioned they had to reconnect to outlook.  Since I was out of town, put everything back to not configured.  I'll change it when I return and let everyone know how that goes.
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Where can I go to find my TOTAL Exchange mailbox database size?  Is the store reserving the same amount of memory as the database file size or if I put in an additional 8G, Exchange will consume most of it as well?
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Exchange store will consume almost ALL memory in a server. This is by design and is why an exchange server should ONLY be an exchange server and nothing else.
The size of your mailbox will not reflect the amount of memmory used directly.
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Nice.  So my performance on this server will always be awful?  The .edb is almost 14G.  I realize you said that has no bearing.  It is using almost 8G of my 16.  Other services are taking up the rest but about a gig.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Why is performance awful? Its an exchange server, thats what its supposed to do. You shouldnt be using it for anything else and if your not and performance is aweful then have you looked for other causes?

My MAIN .edb file is just shy of 290Gig, thats one of 8 databases though.
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
Well.  What we use the server for is email, folder redirection and shared storage of financial software databases.  The most taxing is email.  Our organization is not large enough to have a standalone server for email and then one for other tasks.  That may be a recommendation I make for future growth.  I'm learning about server operation on a daily basis.  The server just seems sluggish at times.
Ok neilsr...

I understand that an exchange email server should do what it is build for. And offcourse a dedicated server is the most ideal situation.
But why is MS building small business servers...?

But that was not the issue here...  The issue is that with the min and max settings In the artcles mentioned, the use of memory should be limited.

It does but after a short while it's using its complete amount of memory....

The lack of performance is due to the full use of memory by the information store.
Also the mail clients as outlook are confrontated with the lack of mem space by opening mail from the sbs server.

I' m sorry but i can' believe that an orgaisation of 16 people need a sbs server with min 64 gb of ram...
rexxnetAuthor Commented:
OK, then Johndooh.  What do you suggest I do about my issue?  Go ahead and limit the store?
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