defining a variable in stored procedure in SQL Server and MySQL


I'm looking at
and since I'm using SQL Server so need to know what is the equivalent of
SELECT @myRight := rgt FROM nested_category

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in SQL Server.

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It should be:

Declare @myRight varchar  -- or Int, or Numeric, or whatever it ought to be

SELECT @myRight = rgt FROM nested_category

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I'm assuming the where clause is remarked as you don't need it, but of course removing the -- will make it operable again.

I hope that helps

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akohanAuthor Commented:
right ... thank you!

do we have any things like format specifier as we have in C?
sprintf("some string %i , %s", intVar1, StringVar2);

Any idea?

You just have the SQL print command but you can concatenate strings with a +


Print 'This is the result: ' + @myRight
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SQL 2012 introduces a FORMAT command, but in prior versions formatting is considered something left to the UI layer.
akohanAuthor Commented:
Hi Akohan

I kind of thought my solution was the one that helped with your original question, but no points? :-(
akohanAuthor Commented:
I see! how can I fix it?

Thanks for letting me know.
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