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Report LayoutAll,

I am creating an asp website (for the first time) and need to know how I can include each SQL parameter for each record in a SINGLE Page. Please see the attached screenshot.
When I add Crystal Report Viewer and use the Wizard, it designs ALL records vertically along with their headers.
I need to have each record in a single page for employees to sign on the paper for each report. I created a search textbox that user can input a customer number and I need to have a report to ONLY show the information in 1 PAGE for that particular number along with its other information.
For instance, for Customer number 1 record in SQL which also includes (Date, PO  Num, Cmment, etc) there would be ONLY 1 page for that specific customer information.
PLEASE see the attachment.

Thank you,
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The way to do this is to have the user sign in and determine his id.
You can then pass that to the report as a parameter and select that user's information based on the id.

An FYI - Is this an in-house appliction to be used by employees of you company?  
or is it to be on the net with outside people using it?

If the latter, then you need special licensing from SAP/Crystal to use the reports in that manner.  I don't know exactly what it is so you will need to contact SAP/Crystal

pauledwardianAuthor Commented:

That is not my question.
I am asking how can I change parameters so each row of sql values print in one page in sql report.

Customer1 info in row 1 in page1
Customer2 info in row 1 in page2
Customer3 info in row 1 in page3
Assuming you have the report grouped by cutomer id you can use the NEW PAGE AFTER in the group footer or new page before on the group header.

Right click the GROUP HEADER in the left margin
Click the FORMULA BUTTON to the right of New Page Before
Enter this
   Not OnFirstRecord

That way you won't get a blank page for page 1

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pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
I figured that out.
How can I stop Crystal asking user for putting the server information everytime they are tyring to search the parameters. I used this code but it didnt work. I have SQL developer version:

ReportDocument crystalReport = new ReportDocument();
            ("ASPNET", "ASPNET123", @"", "CSDatabase");
        CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = crystalReport;
Are they pulling the parameter information from the same database as the report?

What version of Crystal?
That looks like an older method of passing the logon information.  I haven't written a generic application so I am not that familiar with the methods plus all my applications have been in VB6 so the method is different.  

pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
Yes, the report is pooling the information from the same database.
And it is the latest crystal report version.
So, any suggestion.......
pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
Do you think it would solve the problem if I add a generic AD Group into SQL users and give that group Full permission to database. Then add the users AD to that group would solve the problem?
We solved this by using integrated security so the reports could use Windows login.  IN that way all users had permissions tothe database, we put them into a single group and gave the group permissions to the views and stored procedures but not the tables themselves.


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pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
Do you know if it would be possible to include the username and pass in web.config like the sqlstring?
Also, can you provide a C# code? I am not familuar with
I don't know C# and haven't seen many examples.

Why would you want to include the username and password in an open file?

pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
Can anyone help with the C# code please?
pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
Never-mind, I use the integrated security.
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