Organizational Units best practices for WSUS and structure in general

server: windows 2008 R2 domain controller

Is this a good way to structure my OU's and Objects?

headquarters(parent ou)
-computers(sub ou)

accounting(parent ou)
.james (user account object)
.lynn (user account object)
-computers (sub ou)
 .james-pc (computer name object)
 .lynn-pc (computer name object)

Right now my users are all under the default "users" folder.  I want to start using scripts so I want to clean up AD and put users under their respective departments, setup WSUS, printer and network drive scripts for specific departments, etc...

is the above setup the recommended way? or will that have any implications now or int the future?
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motnahp00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to implement multiple WSUS policies you will need computer objects within their respective OUs.
I would create OUs for users.
fstincAuthor Commented:
isn't WSUS OU computer based thought?

what if i want different depts to have a different wsus policy?
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The OU for users wasn't necessarily meant just for WSUS.

You can apply different WSUS policies to your depts if you choose.
fstincAuthor Commented:
without the computers being a sub object within the OU?
Donald StewartNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Why would you want multiple WSUS policies other than servers, workstations and maybe a test group???
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