Multiple SSID, Multiple VLANs, HP Procurve 1810g-24

Hi everyone,

I have currently setup a network for a local church/school.

Equipment is two HP Procurve 1810g-24, a Cisco RV220w, trunked and everything.

The problem I am having is, I am not sure the tag/untag configuration to use for

tagging access points. I have 5 VLANs set up so far. each with their own 192.168.x.x/24 subnet.

I picked up an Engenius EAP150 high powered wireless access point, it can tag vlans, and also provide multiple SSID's.

I am trying to use this AP to broadcast TWO wifi signals that belongs to TWO different subnet....

So in the Engenius Setup, I have it as SSID #1: Staff's Wifi, tag VLAN10. and SSID #2: General user's Wifi, tag vlan20.

But I can't seem to get them both working... I was able to connect get dhcp on vlan10, but not vlan20 through the AP.

I am wondering if its something i am overlooking? Am i suppose to TAG the access point on the switch for the VLAN's that it is tagging? Or do i leave it UNTAGGED?

Thank you very much
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Gajendra RathodConnect With a Mentor Sr. System AdministratorCommented:
Please check to ensure that latest  firmware is on the device.

Please check bridge to VLAN is configuration as describe in attachment.
pleae have a look at below document with same configuration but different H/w

you will require to tag on the switch port for the vlan you want to provide ssid.
Dakren12Author Commented:
it doesnt explain the part im trying to figure out =T
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you require to tag on the switch trunck port on which AP is connected.
Gajendra RathodSr. System AdministratorCommented:
VLAN ID 20 must be tagged on two ports of same switch

1. Port connected to AP
2. Port connected to firewall.
Dakren12Author Commented:
trunk port to firewall had always been tagged, since I have multiple vlans on both switch,  I tried to tag the ap on both vlans that it is associating clients to, but it
would only successfully dhcp clients who are associating to the first ssid/vlan.
Dakren12Author Commented:
so If port 16 on my switch is the wireless access point

and the vlan goes as follows
vlan1 - management
vlan10 - staff
vlan20 - general user

and the SSID's the access point is broadcasting out is 1) staff and  2) general user

so I Untag port 16 on vlan1, and then tag vlan10 and tag vlan20?

or do i tag all three? management, vlan10, and vlan20?
you only require to tag Vlan 10 and vlan 20
Dakren12Author Commented:
then how would I manage it?
If you want to manage then you will require to publish 3rd VLAN also.
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