Powerbuilder - Bulgarian (cyrillic) characters


Could anybody help me?
I use powerbuilder 11 and I have problems with updating cyrillic characters into database columns thru datawindow. So, I paste cyrillic letters on some datawindow column, no problem - they are displayed well, but when I press "Save" (updating dw), the cyrillic letters disappear and "???" appear instead. We use MSS 2008 and when I paste these letters directly into table's column from Management Studio, it works.
So, maybe I have to set some DBParm variable?

Thank you!
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Harish VargheseProject LeaderCommented:

Did you check what value goes into the table when you update the DW?

stefan1967Author Commented:
Yes: '???'  
stefan1967Author Commented:
My DBMS  is:

SQLCA.DBMS = "SNC SQL Native Client(OLE DB)"

I also tried to change dynamically the font.charset to "204" of each CHAR field of DW:

dw.Modify(ls_colname + '.font.charset = "204"')

But didn't work...
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Harish VargheseProject LeaderCommented:
Forgot to ask you.. which version of PB are you using?
stefan1967Author Commented:
PB 11

stefan1967Author Commented:
Other observation is that when I update column in Management Studio like this:

update  TableName  set  ColumnName = 'some cyrillic string'  where  id = 2,

it doesn't work. The value is set to '???'

But if I run:

update  TableName  set  ColumnName = N'some cyrillic string'  where  id = 2,

with N prefix, it is OK.
Harish VargheseProject LeaderCommented:
I tried with some other languages in PB 9.0 and it works fine without any special handlings. Unfortunately, I dont have PB 11.0 with me.
Do you have PB 9.0 by any chance? Can you please confirm if you are facing the same issue in PB9.0 as well?
Also, what is the name of the font you are using? Let me give a try.

stefan1967Author Commented:
Well, as I wrote in the previous comment, the problem was that in MSSQL command like:

update  TableName  set  ColumnName = 'some cyrillic string'  where  id = 2

does not work properly. It puts '?????'.

The proper way is:
update  TableName  set  ColumnName = N'some cyrillic string'  where  id = 2.

So, today I hacked in the sqlpreview event of my DW parentobject the sqlsyntax with adding 'N' before every starting quote. Now it works well from datawindow and maybe my bosses will be happy, but this is not general solution, because updates and inserts happen not only from DW.
I hoped, there is some MSSQL or client-server's variable setting, which results the wished behavior.
Anyway, I'll keep this question opened for a couple of days more, and then close it.

Thank you, Harish, for the help! Maybe we'll meet soon, because I have got another pretty problem. :)

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stefan1967Author Commented:
My last post is a possible solution of the problem. Not a general, but since it works, I close this question.
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