.dll missing, Samsung RC512, Win Pro7, Laptop shuts down, web search incapable,

missing entry logifetch,logilda.dll , bad_pool_header, disable bios, shadowing, cache.

I have MANY .jpg screen shots of errors and issues from which to  evaluate this problem. Please let me know how to share them for those who have experience in the above referenced errors.

Is phoning allowed in order to expedite the solution?

I used Paretologic suggested sights and searched for the .dll logilda
Evidently, when I do locate the .dll I need to scan for infection.
Paretologic also runs and I believe that it is also creating issues rather than preventing them.

My Kaspersky is scanning and quarantining files and later pop up saying user save this file as it is safe.  
Concerned that if I do not become aware of the alert, I could be missing files  = major issues.

The Samsung is running too hot.
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My two thoughts are to first try a system restore, and if that doesn't work try running an sfc/ scannow to replace or repair any corrupt or missing system files.

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If the laptop is running too hot, why is it running too hot?

Is the fan working? Is the fan intake or exhaust blocked with hair, fluff, paper clips, anything like that?

If the machine is overheating, then errors arising from the CPU and memory, and even the disk if it's very close to the processor, are a distinct possibility. The computer should give warning beeps and shut down to protect itself if it gets too hot, but occasionally this doesn't work as it should.
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
GEEEE!!  Thank you for being sooooo speedy!

Already I did a System Restore. I was hoping not to find it necessary to go back any further as it will create issues with existing programs. If I must, I will. Personally, I do not think that this will be a FIX.

SFC/Scannow  Yes, result was :
" Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. "
Should I do CHKDSK/F    ?
If you want CHKDSK to actually fix problems, type     CHKDSK   (I tried to use the menu buttons and BOLD this, but some gibberish was entered !!!???)  it will take
affect next time you reboot because it cannot get full access to the disk
while Windows is running. Run CHKDSK /? for a list of other options.

SFC is the system file scanner which is completely unrelated. It checks for
missing or corrupted Windows system files. Windows will protect these files
anyway so its not usually necessary to run SFC.

The Samsung does provide a warning of some sort. No, nothing is blocking the vent area. I am very cautions about that, and the laptop is sitting on a glass desk in a cool environment.
I do need to purchase a can of compressed air. Thank you

Error screenshots anyone want to view?  My clipper is so cumbersome that I quit using it and began using my camera for screenshots.

Interesting that no one mentioned anything with regard to .dll, Kaspersky, Paretologic.
Actually, I was trying to provide optional items that might assist in diagnosing the problem, although it may not be associated with the problem at hand.
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you have BSOD's? post the latest here, you find them in windows\minidumps
if the pc does not boot, attach the drive to a working system to copy the dmps, or boot from a live Knoppix cd :  ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V6.7.0CD-2011-08-01-EN.iso

for the temperature, you can install Speedfan, to monitor them : http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Here is minidump.
Opening almico fan. Thank you!
Awaiting your advice.
Attachment BELOW
Thanks again.
where is the dmp ??
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
I attached it. I could see it from this end. Will attach again.   See  BELOW
Am I suppose to open, copy, paste?
Sorry ?!!
Will try next.
minidump file
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
I did not complete the add file and name the 1st time.
Sorry about that.
Let me know what other is needed.
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
How do I know that someone is still interested in this question? Is there something similar to a chat bar that indicates activity?
Thank you to those trying to assist. This Samsung has been out of commission and I REALLY need it to function as there are SENT emails and other docs that are located on the hard drive.

Need more info?
Would the screen shots help?
How do I get additional notifications that a new reply has been sent, in addition to the email notification? We are not allowed texts, correct? No SKYPING? Wish I had an ALARM!!  LOLOL
i'm not here all day - but i check  3x per day

the dmp file points to :  IMAGE_NAME:  win32k.sys    and   DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID:  VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT  -  PROCESS_NAME:  csrss.exe
unfortunately - this is a very general error, that can be caused by many things

i f you doubt paretologic, disable or uninstall it.
you can also run diags, for RAM and HDD, to be sure about the basics
dow<nload UBCD , make the cd, and boot from it to run memtest86+ for Ram, and the diak diag for your disk brand - if not sure, run Drive fitness test
As this problem has proved to be quite intractable, why not remove the hard disk from the laptop and connect it to a desktop computer as a slave drive? You could then recover your data from it and copy it to another machine and use it on that while you run the various diagnostics on the Samsung laptop that have been suggested, and perhaps ultimately re-install Windows.

This approach would allow you the use of your data while you wrestled with these problems, and if you just went for the re-install it might save you a lot of time.

Mind you, this idea only works if you have access to another computer...

As nobus says, contributors all have other demands on their time, but we check back as often as we can to see how things are going. Both you and the experts contributing to your question have the same alert system - an email arrives to say that there has been another comment on the question. It seems to work pretty well!
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
Guess I had better look into the HOWs of slave drive. Perhaps a simple direct wire.

It is always frightening to jump into something like this as there seems to always be SOMETHING that is not backed up, apps, programs, .pst, downloads, updates.........Is there a BEST guideline for this process?

Is it allowed for someone to remote in for personal assistance?

Just wanting to make certain that I do things right regarding points/rewards:
I can give someone the majority of points and click accept, then I can split the lesser number between others who also tried albeit they may/not have  provided a resolution. The max is 500. We cannot INCREASE the reward points.
There are times I would have absolutely NO idea how much to award, so creating a 500 count question and applying a lesser amount, if the resolution was easier than I thought, is a better and more fair use?
Moderators are not part of the awarding points process, correct?
>>  Is it allowed for someone to remote in for personal assistance?   <<  no  -everything must be done here, so evrybody can participate
if you want the best way -  i would make an image of the drive -  as backup, to work on (on another disk) then you are sure nothing gets lost

as for slaving a drive, it is VERY easy with Sata drives : connect it with a Sata cable to a free port of any desktop with Sata, preferably running the same OS (eg W7)
note that you can also recover the drive  - without removing it - if it's accessable, from a live Knoppix cd : ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V6.7.0CD-2011-08-01-EN.iso
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
Gee, nobus, you are no NEWBIE!!  LOL
Thank you!

An image of the hard drive is just as it sounds - mirrors the exact hard drive all inclusive, programs, data, you name it, where as a' back up' you are selective as to what is backed up.  This is accurate?

Can an external hard drive be used for this rather than slaving, does this process equate them to backing up? I think that the software Western Digital - Smartware - does imaging.
Western Digital:

You continue to repeat TOWER, so I assume this cannot be USB to laptop?
My Towers are very OLD and probably have XP rather than Win7, Win 7 Pro, MAC OS X.

Please excuse my repeated confirmations. I do not want to botch this.
Nobus is entirely correct in saying that SATA makes this easy, as the 2.5" SATA drive in your laptop has identical connectors to the 3.5" SATA drive in your desktop. Imaging is an excellent idea too - I should have thought of that sooner myself!

A hard disk image is just that - an exact replica of the disk as it was when the image was taken. However, this cuts two ways - data that was intact when the image was made will be available, but any that was corrupt will still be corrupt!
 This means that any problems with critical Windows files or registry entries will be faithfully replicated, and even if you were to transfer the image to a new disk and install it into your laptop, the problems would still be there...

As long as your desktop (or tower) PC's have a SATA interface then you should be able to make an image with an imaging program of your choice, as both windows 7 and XP use the NTFS file system. In this situation I wouldn't trust a USB connected drive in your laptop; there is something clearly wrong with your Samsung and something as critical as imaging needs to be done on reliable hardware, even if is older and slower than your laptop.

You don't have to mount your laptop drive in the desktop computer either; after the connections are made (with the power disconnected, of course) the drive can be laid carefully on a piece of cardboard or other insulating material (not fabric though) and the computer run with the covers off until the imaging has finished. Just ensure that the computer is placed where it can't be bumped or knocked accidentally while all this is going on.
for imaging, i use now the free paragon software  : http://www.paragon-software.com/home/db-express/      
think about it as being a picture of the disk
an external drive can be used for backup - but will noticeably be slowerr, due to the slower USB speed
if you want to make an image from your laptop  - make the bootable Paragon CD, boot from it and follow the screens to make the image on your ext drive
then insert the new disk to restore the image (will probably have  problems also, since you copied the disk contents to it) - to start the repair

- i said a desktop (= same) only for easy of connection to sata ports
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