Cisco vpndownloader.exe using 97% of cpu

I recently installed CISCO AnyConnect VPN Client Version 2.5.3055 on Windows XP.
Sometimes when I start it up, I get error messages from vpndownloader.exe
Sometimes when AnyConnect is running, vpndownloader.exe uses over 95% of the CPU (according to taskmgr.exe), and thus slows my system down to a crawl.
(I either get the error messages OR the cpu problem, not both.)

What is vpndownloader?
Does AnyConnect need it?
Can I disable it?
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what are the error messages? can you please paste?

MatthewNicollAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't have the error messages - they only occur occasionally, and the few times they have occurred I impatiently closed them without recording them, and there were no adverse effects.  I just tried AnyConnect again, and it worked fine this time.
You can just keep the thread open for sometime. Keep an watch if you get those errors again. Just paste it then. Without error messages would be difficult to figure out what is causing them (you are using the latest version already).

vpndownloader.exe runs everytime when you start the client. This actually checks with your vpn gateway as to whether any update to anyconnect client is available or not in the remote gateway.

Once your vpn is established, this file might not be required(my guess). Just try terminating the process from taskmgr once your vpn is established. If it ends and your vpn still works fine you might have a temporary solution in hand. (I use a linux system so can't confirm it myself)

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MatthewNicollAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions surb...

I've attached a task manager image showing vpndownloader.exe hogging most of the cpu.
I am running anyconnect 2.3.2016. in one of my old pc.

I just moved vpndownloader.exe to a different folder and tested vpn. It seems connecting and taskmgr is clean.

Can you move the file from c:\program files\cisco to somewhere else and try reconnecting? Hopefully the exe should not run again in taskmgr. (right click and end task in taskmgr first).


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MatthewNicollAuthor Commented:
Perfect!  I should have thought of trying that!
I just renamed it to vpndownloader_hide.exe, and everything seems to work fine.
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