MS SQL 2008 server as Netbackup media server

I currently have a pair of x3850 (non-virtualized) MS SQL 2008
clustered together (by Win 2008 clustering).

Both the x3850 boxes have 2 pcs of 8Gbps FC (Brocade 825
dual port) with fibre cables connected to a HP Brocade fabric
switch (I was told the SFP modules on the HP fabric switch
is 8Gbps too).

There is an AMS2100 SAN connected to this HP fabric switch
(which will be holding almost 1.8TB of MS SQL database for
the two clustered SQL DB servers) as well as two LTO5 tape
drives housed in an IBM TS3200 tape library.

Our presales suggest to get another server (an x3650) to
act as media server for backing up the DB server  as well
as 4 Web servers (total OS, App & log file sizes per web
server is 150-160GB).

Instead of getting another x3650, can I make one of the
SQL DB server (the standby cluster x3850 box) as Netbackup
media server?
Reason I suggest this is the FC channels (supposedly active-
active, so total throughput of 16Gbps = approx 7200Gbyte/hr)
will enable the backup of the DB servers (including the OS
files/logs of the DB servers) to complete much faster than
going thru the LAN (only 1Gbps or at most I can teamed
them to 2Gbps).  

Can MS SQL 2008 & Netbackup media server co-exist in the
same box?

I suppose to mitigate the performance impact to online
transactions, I can set the standby SQL 2008 DB server as
the media server (as it may backup files from the four
web servers & perform ad hoc restoration during online
hours).  What's anyone view on this?

Presales chap has already purchased the Netbackup licence
for the x3650, so is there any issue to transfer the Netbkup
media licence over from x3650 to x3850 (ie need to pay

Question is when MS SQL 2008 failover to the standby box
to become the active node, then I can't do backup on the
other x3850.  Is it legal for me to install on two x3850 but
at any one time, I'm only using one x3850 as media server
(ie effectively pay only one media licence) or how does
Symantec Netbackup licence works in this case if I wanted
2 x3850 with one box as active media server at any one time

Do I need to top up the RAM on the x3850 since we originally
plan to use it as MS SQL 2008 server only but now plan to
add on one more function (as backup media server) to it?
If I only run the backups at night, I suppose I won't need
the extra RAM?  It has 32GB RAM currently
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Reason I wanted the backup to complete faster is in the
event there's a need to rerun, then there's still time to
do so.

I've heard that going through LAN to an external media
server can often result in "Reconnect" network error,
resulting in the need to reboot the media server (as one
will get 'zombie' backup processes in the media servers).
anyone encountered this?
You can cluster the netbackup and have it configured to prefer to exist on the other node from the SQL cluster unless the active node is the only one available

The issue in data transfer relies on whether there are two network paths among the web servers and the SQL cluster versus the network n which the backup data will be.
The amounted data that will be backed up, might at times be heavy which is where I am hesitant in suggesting you use the heartbeat network for backup. If you have at least three nics on the SQL servers.

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