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I downloaded OlMail Reader (GT10.1) and OlMail Exporter (PC) so that I could dump all my old Outlook-based emails onto my tablet.

OlMail Exporter created all of the necessary attachments and database file(s), but when copying them over to the tablet as per the instructions, OlMail Reader always shows the following message:

"Database file is not found.  Please copy the OlMailReader folder generated by OlMail Exporter from the desktop computer."

I've done that, I've put in the location described and there is a database file in the directory.

Any clues?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The Outlook file is a PST File. Are you locating the PST file? or are you using an OST file?

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Mark_RAuthor Commented:
It doesn't use a .PST file directly.  OlMail Exporter converts the .PST to a MailData.db file that needs to be copied to the tablet in order for OlMail Reader to read it.

Anyway, been doing some fiddling and have found the answer it seems.....

By default, OlMail Reader was making the OlMailReader folder as a sub-directory of my /documents folder on the tablet.  It apparently doesn't work if you put the copied version there.
If you put the OlMailReader folder (made by OlMail Exporter) into the 'root' directory, all appears to be well.  The instructions don't tell you to do that though!

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I thought the instructions were pretty weak (I use iPhone and iTunes myself). It may also help to close Outlook (since the PST file is busied out when Outlook is open).

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is this on a Windows 7 (or maybe Vista) machine?  Mail is kept in a User folder that is fairly well restricted. That may explain why putting the file in a different folder worked.
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Mark_RAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

The issue was on the tablet-end, rather than Windows.  The Exporter ran fine on my W7 laptop (done with Outlook closed as it would lock the file, as you say).

However, OlMail Reader on the Galaxy Tab put its own 'OlMailReader' directory as a sub-directory of /documents by default.  I tried copying the 'OlMailReader' created by the Exporter in the same place, but that's wrong; it needs to go in the root directory of the tablet to work properly - not clear from the instructions! :)

Fann Software got back to me and I'd explained I'd solved it; they said they were going to update their documentation to make it clearer......not a bad result!
Mark_RAuthor Commented:
Tested and works.
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