Looking for an iPad app for project/task tracking

Hello! I'm a bit overwhelmed by my research and can't find anything that fits what I need to do, though I know it's out there. I've found things that look somewhat promising but I'm hoping to narrow my scope so I can avoid trying, and potentially paying for, apps that aren't what I need.

I'm always involved in multiple projects at work that require multiple steps/tasks, and I need a way to keep track of them that will allow me to list my projects, put in some high-level and lower-level tasks, track which tasks are done, track why a task isn't done (i.e., what's holding it up), and set reminders for when to follow up on things I'm waiting for like when I can't do a certain thing because I'm waiting for something from a coworker. (The latter happens a lot.) This would be only for me, not to track what my team is doing or to collaborate with them. Right now, I'm trying to track all this in multiple places. I put where I am with something on a spreadsheet, then put to-do or reminder entries on my calendar, then have to refer to my e-mail to show that I asked someone for something and they haven't responded, and it has become an impossible situation working on so many different things. I'm trying to find a way to keep up with where I am now, where I was at each point in the past and why, and be notified each day if there's something I need to do that day for a specific project/task.

I'm very grateful for any suggestions even if I have to pay a bit of money to look at a few promising ones. Thanks so much in advance.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
I would not use an App for this (although many exist) if your projects involve other people at any level.  The project tracker apps are generally personal and once a team is involved, they don't do as well.

Instead I would point you towards using a web-based system like BaseCamp.  It's simple enough that everyone can just login and figure it out and start using it and it has enough features to make it valuable.  Best of all, the site works well on the iPad, no need to pay for an extra app.  But you can if you want to:  http://www.outpostapp.com/
SG Project Suites
This is application which can best suite for project management on ipad. have tracking

• Create projects and manage a portfolio of active projects
• Create task schedules with table and Gantt-style views
• Create and manage Action Items for each project
• Create and manage Risks for each project
• Associate Action Items and Risks with tasks in a project schedule
• Set a cost for each task and view cost-to-date, cost-to-go, and total cost
• View and study the overall schedule for your suite of active projects
• Produce customized reports for projects, team members, and a group of projects
• Email a variety of PDF reports directly to the project team or stakeholders
• Export or email project data in XML format
• Share data easily using Dropbox

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Bento - another nice application for project management.

JadeComputerGalAuthor Commented:

I'll take a look at this, but I'm actually looking for something personal. We already have someone who tracks the team projects on a higher level, and I'm trying to find something where I can track only what I'm doing and need to do, not what everyone else is doing. Also, on many of my projects, the tasks themselves are mine and the waiting is not for a person to complete a dependent task but to respond to an e-mail such as, "Am I okay to go ahead with this?" or "Do you want me to implement solution A or solution B?" I need to avoid situations where the ball is in another person's court but I still need to follow up if they haven't responded in some amount of time.

I'm also leaning toward something that is standalone where I don't need an Internet connection, but I'm not totally opposed to a web-based program, so I'll take a look at BaseCamp.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
In that case you could always take a look at the Reminders app that is included with iOS 5.  It's a very simple to-do list app but might suit your needs.

Otherwise, I would search the App Store for "to do lists" and not "project management.". The results you will get with the latter (such as SG Project Suites googled above) are full-blown MS-Project like programs and will probably be overkill for a single user.  The to-do list universe has a bunch of lower-end options that could be adapted to what you wish to do and more of them will have a free, limited version so you can try before you buy.
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