set new default value for max_heap_table_size

hello experts,
i want to set new value to the max_heap_table_size variable.
i know how to do this, and i know how to set the global variable, but how can i set the default value.
so when the server start-up i want that the new value take place instead of the default value.

so assuming that mysql default value is 16M i want to change it to 32M..

how do i do it?? how do i change the DEFAULT value, not session or global, DEFAULT.
is there a file that i should edit?

thanks ahead :)
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johanntagleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As anuroopsundd said, just add the line under the [mysqld] section.
to view max_heap_table_size
select @@max_heap_table_size;

And then you can run a query to set it higher:

set @@max_heap_table_size=NUMBER_OF_BYTES
Modify the contents of the /etc/my.cnf file under the [mysqld] section.

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PuzatiyAuthor Commented:
but im running the server in wamp server for windows...
so is there any file that simular to the my.cnf file.. thanks ahead
I don't know where it is actually located as I don't use windows but look for a my.ini file
PuzatiyAuthor Commented:
yes i know where this file is, however i have no idea what i should edit there.
i know there is a lot of variables there but no max_heap_table_size..
Thanks but you should have given most of the points to anuroopsundd
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