rdp disconnects in windows 7

I have a problem where connecting to my system at the office over our vpn results in varying disconnects.  In the system log, I see event 56 for termdd that there was an error in the protocol stream and the client was disconnected.

I've looked at the event data and determined the nt status code is STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT (C00000B5).  It often times does occur when the session is idle, but has also happened when I'm actively using it.  Does anyone know how to fix it?  Registry setting perhaps?

I've already tried updating my network drivers and didn't make a difference.  The adapter is set to auto and connected at 1gb.  The fact that my putty connections to the remote data center don't get disconnected tells me it looks more like something specific to the rdp connection.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorAsked:
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By Any chance are you using a DSL connection? DSL connections by default are prone to jitter. I had a lot of problems with one of our clients accessing our servers. As soon as the jitter goes beyond 600 ms that is lethal for RDP connections. Putty connections usually remain unaffected.

Try a ping - t to the IP where you are trying to connect if you see an inconsistent behavior that it is definitely your internet connection. If this continues, i strongly suggest switching to cable.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I do have dsl at home connecting through our office vpn (though the vpn connection itself doesn't drop).

I ran a ping test through a batch file with -n 1 and the time stamp so I can see what happened.  The error occurred just after 7pm.  I found the rdp window hadn't updated since then (clock was 2 hours behind) and after clicking around inside it finally said (as it usually does) that the connection was lost and was reconnecting.  I found that event id in there and looking at the ping log (several entries a second), the time was fluctuating between 38-42 then when the connection was lost, it timed out for about 20 seconds then continued at the same time rate (about 40).

One other thing I forgot to mention, when the connection breaks, I notice the network icon has either a yellow ! or a blue circle so it's possible it could be an adapter issue but doesn't break long enough for putty to lose connectivity.  I'm going to try taking my system out of the docking station (it's a dell latitude e6520) and see if it continues using it's own nic.  Open to other ideas if anyone has any.

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The fluctuation you have mentioned seems quite normal.

In my opinion, it has come down to two possibilities:

- The ISP
- and your NIC

Now that you'l be using the laptop out of the docking station we will probably get some better verdict on the NIC and after that it will only be the ISP.

Also just eliminate the following possibilities. if you have a wireless router, make sure that it is password protected (WPA2 and not WEP). Also look at Resource Monitor (under All Programs/Accessories/System Tools) and look under the network Tab. You will get to look at the processes consuming your bandwidth. This is just to find out if some piece of software is flooding your network causing you NIC to crash.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
i do have wireless router but not connecting that way
since the problem is intermittent, will let it run for a few days and see if it breaks
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
i took it out of the docking station and hasn't been an issue since; that appears to have been the issue
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