What Are The Ways Or Means To Setup And Associate Default Programs For File Types And Vice Versa , And/Or Default Type Or Classifications For Programs In Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-Bit?

Hello. I have a question to ask you regarding Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit.

How do you set the defaults for Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit for:

1. associating a SPECIFIC 'program' as the default for ALL file types and protocols it can open (Example: Firefox web browser) and having the user's ability to change  a 'program' as the default for ALL file types and protocols it can open at a later time too?

2. associating a SPECIFIC 'file type or protocol' with a program where it will always open a specific program (Example: *.jpg for opening Google's Picasa or http:// for opening Firefox web browser) and having the user's ability to change a SPECIFIC 'file type or protocol' with a program at a later time too? This is almost the inverse of number 1 above.

3. associating autoplay-like or autostart-like features or functions by SPECIFIC 'type or classification' (Example: Audio CD or DVD Movie; not necessarily a SPECIFIC program selection -- 'different' from number 1) with a program and the user's ability to change the 'type or classification' with a program at a later time too?

I am not sure if such default program features or functions, file type or protocol, and/or type or classifications are even available as user customizable 'built-in' functions or features native to Linux Ubuntu v.11.10? ...or I would need to install a separate program/program package from one of the respected repositories of Ubuntu Software Center, have to manually install a downloaded file from a website with instllation instructions, or even run some text based command lines via apt-get thru Terminal, .etc.?  Please explain the means to install if not documented from your source.

Please reply.

Thank you!
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BazingerooConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
@ kronostm:

Hello again. I'm back.

I personally solved this inner issue earlier today.

This is a "dah" moment, but also the fact I do not know (a newbie/novice) to all there is to know about Linux Ubuntu idiosyncrasies . Especially coupled with the fact that Unity has a different way of displaying the program shortcuts when the Dash (new to Unity) displays your programs 'as search results' and not the 'literal real thing to the shortcut' -- adds confusion to what you are looking for. In addition, the fact that Ubuntu's of itself does not correspond a program proper name with what it associates, correlates, or translates its meaning too.

Let me explain:

When you do a search in Dash in the Ubuntu v.11.04 and newer (Unity GUI), when you type: "nautilus" in the search box for the program, you get different items as results. The "nautilus" IS INDEED the "Files" and "Home Folder" shortcuts shown; NOT LITERALLY another program shortcut called "Nautilus" that I was looking for in the search results. That is what I was looking for -- the literal "Nautilus" shortcut. I bet in the Gnome2 GUI, you would drop and drag your mouse or other input device and just eventually select through the menus "Nautilus" -- easy and simple and direct find to execute.

So that is it. Now I am aware of the vagueness of meanings at times that Ubuntu uses. This has been a learning experience.

Now, onto this issue with this question/thread. Back to your very first comment that states, "not as complete as you'd like, but try opening Nautilus -> edit -> preferences -> media and set your preferred behaviour/applications from there."

After opening the Nautilus File Manager, I get as far as the File Management Preferences Window. There is no Media tab. I am thinking this was something in the older Ubuntu/Gnome2 GUI maybe? They changed it by chance?

So I decided to see if I could find online a weblink for an answer to my question. I happened to find one well accurate (I have been testing the responses to my own Ubuntu system.) and current. Here is: http://www.libre-software.net/change-the-default-application-ubuntu-linux .

I found interesting one statement from that weblink I found above, "Ubuntu still lacks an easy way to change a batch of filetype associations (like Windows can).". Okay, that is fine with me.

I am closing this question/thread at this time.
Adrian DobrotaConnect With a Mentor Networking EngineerCommented:
not as complete as you'd like, but try opening Nautilus -> edit -> preferences -> media and set your preferred behaviour/applications from there
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ kronostm:

Hello. Nice to see you again.

Thank you for your comment.

I am using the newer version of Ubuntu (v.11.10) that uses the Unity GUI and not the older Gnome 2 GUI. So I instead used Dash to do a search for: “Nautilus”. I found “Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool”. I clicked on it and it never loaded the program where I could use it. Any idea what is going on here why I cannot open this particular program. I never have had any issues opening from the Dash.
Any ideas what may be happening here?

I have attached a screenshot for your clarity.

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
With deep regret, but I have no bloody idea how unity works, I always avoided it.
I don't even know if you can run apps from it like we used to in older gnome versions. If you press ALT+F2, will it open a run menu? Can you type "nautilus" there and start it?

Unfortunately with my 0 experience in Unity I can't be of any help.
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ kronostm:

Hello again. Thank you for your latest comment.

I appreciate your honesty. That is okay. Obviously, we have a block here in completing this question/thread regarding the fact that I cannot open Nautilus. I am going to basically, post my latest comment above I asked you as a new question/thread and place it in "Linux Programming" topics. I am going to temporarily place a hold on this question/thread and get back to it soon as soon as I get an answer there to respond here to your answer/solution.

I will be back. Please be patient.

Thank you!
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ kronostm:

Hello again.

I pretty certain by your first comment's direct, assertive, factual, and specific steps provided; that I ascertain you know what you are talking about. It is possible your using or referencing an older version of Linux Ubuntu where your computer or web source provides an older method. Even thought I found the answer to this question/thread; I am giving you the full points since your the only expert that responded and provided me a answer that was correct at some point in time. I am giving myself the Accepted Solution naturally, but I cannot take the points with me and I would rather give them to you. I will give them to your first comment since is the closest applicable comment of your related comment to this question/thread. The fairest I could be.

Again, thank you for your help.
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