Add new fileds to filter layers Excel

Hi Dave,

I am following up on the previous question.

The steps to add a new filter item
1.      Add it to the range type
2.      Ensure to add it to the column in the main table
3.      Update VBA like adding a new line to it
I tried doing all this to add [P4] and [ExtraLarge] filters to the list but it won’t filter. If you could let me know what changes I need to make to add new items to the filter lists that would awesome. As more new filter will be added so. I have added the file that I worked on.

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You were very close - The VBA was spot on!  However, there are a couple required steps in the workbook.

1.  First, make the checkbox controls NAMED properly.  So ELarge needs to be named CB_ELarge and P4 needs to be named CB_P4 (as opposed to Check Box 11 or other number when they are originally created).
2.  On the Source sheet, the criteria TRUTH formulas on row 2 need to be expanded to SUM 4 rows, now that both criteria have 4 possible outcomes.  Rather than just change to ,1,4, I added an additional formula so this second step should never be required:



Returns the number of rows in the P123_Range.  I made the change to check for # rows in each of the 3 existing criteria on Source tab, range I2:K2

See attached.  Try to make these changes on your original and see if it all comes up good ;)

RayneAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I took some time to understand it closely. Now the filter things has become clear except...

For =IF(OR(VLOOKUP(K6,P123_Range,2,0)>0,SUM(OFFSET(P123_Range,0,1,3,1))=0),TRUE,FALSE)
Let me interpret this and see if I can get it
Condition1 = (VLOOKUP(K6,P123_Range,2,0)>0
Condition2 = SUM(OFFSET(P123_Range,0,1,3,1))=0)

If either of the condition1 or condition2 is satisfied, return TRUE, else FALSE.

When I click on a checkbox, condition1 is satisfied, and function registers a TRUE
I am not sure about condition2 – let say I click two checkboxes of the same filter level, then this condition will not sum to  0, rather sum to 2 correct?

Other than this, I think I got it :)

What Condition 2 does is return TRUE if none of the checkboxes in that category are checked.  So if you check 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the items, the first one kicks in, but if none are checked, the second one (condition) kicks in - not checking any is as if checking all.  

Make sense?


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RayneAuthor Commented:
Now that makes it crystal clear :) Now I understand. Thank you Dave for the explanation
RayneAuthor Commented:
Awesome expert help as always..
Just be sure that parameter in the SUM(OFFSET includes the # rows in your range, either do it manually or with the revised function I gave you (see underlined, below):


RayneAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah, the culprit formula that got me confused. The moving range is definitely very needed and reduces the manual error risks greatly. Thank you Dave
RayneAuthor Commented:
I am PRO and seasoned filter check-box creator now :)
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave,

I have a question - is it possible to remove any content from main display page if all the controls are unchecked? I will post a question

Thank you
RayneAuthor Commented:
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Dave,
There is a question when you are free. Thank you
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Dave,

Here is recent follow up to your question:

Thank you :)
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