Setting up LAN connecting with Desktops PCs and Laptops

Hello all,

I have a LAN at home with 3 desktop PC's and 2 laptops.
Now in floor 1 (where the wireless device is located) everything is working fine, Internet is fast, range is excellent.
 In floor 2 also everything is fine (needs an improvment), all the dekstop PC's are connected to the wireless device with USB Wireless adapter. My problem is with floor -1 - I do not have any range in there so I bought an 25M ethernet cat5e cable but still the internet connection is really bad.

What is the best network solution to make my LAN connection really good for all devices? Which hardware do you recommand me to buy? which Wireless device, which Access Point/reapeter? Which router? How can I create the best LAN solution at my home?

Thanks a lot!
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Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanConnect With a Mentor Expert/ConsultantCommented:
You didn't tell us which model of router you are using now.
What does it mean by bad internet connection?? No service or Slow speed??However, it might not the problem of your router for all cases.At first please check the following scenario:
Network Scenario
If you don't have internet service then you need to check by the following ways:
1.Check your IP configuration by "ipconfig /all"
2. Release and renew IP by "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig renew"
3.Ping gateway and be sure that there is no PKT loss into gateway.
4. Ping outside IP (example: )and be sure that there is no PKT loss.
5. Ping outside domain (eample: and be sure that it can resolves fine.Use "ipconfig /flushdns" to clear DNS cache and "ipconfig /registerdns" again.

If you are encountering slow internet speed it might happen for several reasons.
1. Be sure that there is no PKT loss.Ping outside IP(example:
2. Be sure that your router has configured with correct DNS.Ping any outside domain( and check how fast it can resolve.Use "ipconfig /flushdns" and "ipconfig /registerdns" for troubleshoting.
3. Be sure that your laptop or computers are not infected with virus.It's the most common reason for slow internet speed into LAN.Use updated anti-virus and scan all of your machines.
4. You must have limited internet bandwitdh.So, if concurrently everyone start using you might get slow speed.If someone starts watching youtube he might use most of the bandwidth and as a result, you might encounter slow speed.

If you only encounter slow speed for your cable connected computer:
1. Be sure there is no PKT loss into gateway.If there is PKT loss check cable connector.If possible change the connector.

Hope you understand now.If you are determined to buy a new router you could go ahead on your budget.But I could say SOHO routers like Linksys,DLINK couldn't help you too much.Because you can't see traffic and control it though you can see IN/OUT traffic from Linksys's log.For that case you could use something like RouterBoard OS:
AnuroopsunddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check Cisco e4200 wireless router... it has dual band and higher range.
then you can put wireless range extender to extend the signals much in the place where you do not get wireless signal
AnutechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am making some assumptions here.  1) that the Ethernet cable is new, so there is a good chance it is good.  2) you are connecting the PC to the same wireless router 3) all computers are on the same subnet.
You make mention that floor 1 is fine then again that you are having issues on floor one.  So 4) the problem is with a particular pc on floor 1.
Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these.  But based on these things I would suggest that it is not your network per se, but your computer.  Try doing a scan with Malwarebytes and a good antivirus.  Abundance or spyware (or just one really bad one) can degrade network performance.  This would happen via wireless or LAN.  
Also make sure your wireless is off when you try your LAN (Ethernet) connection to take that out of the equation.
You didn't really tell us where you connected the cat5e cable.  
Did you use it to move the wireless router closer to the center of floor 1?  Or, what...

You might want to try powerline, like these ZyXEL kits.
Then you can connect another wireless router upstairs... if you disable its DHCP server and connect one of its LAN ports to the powerline adapter, that will effectively turn a wireless router into an access point with 3 open LAN ports.
AdiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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