BING Homepage keeps overiding GP IE Settings

I am working in a school who has purchased 20 Net books running Win7 Pro. They came with a load of rubbish trials and programs installed so i uninstalled them right at the start.

BING being one of them it was installed as a program. I also installed all Microsoft Updates.

We have IE Settings (Proxy, Proxy bypass, Homepage, Favorites, Searchbar URL) and all of them are applied to all clients in school fine but on the net books we still get BING popping up stating "do you want this as your homepage" so i press no and it becomes the homepage overiding the GP settings.

I have tried a few things to sort this.

I took away the Homepage setting and created a new GPO just for the Homepage did GPUPDATE / FORCE on all Net Books and this worked on one of the Net Books for one user. It looks like the option to have BING is because IE9 has been installed but each user is prompted for BING to be the Homepage and each user presses no but it becomes the homepage - its driving me mad.

I have looked into automatic Browser Configuration and was going to set the interval to every 60 seconds but i could not give a URL for the CAB file and it seemed to technical anyway when GP should just push these settings out.

the GPO is set to Enforced in AD at Domain Level all the IE settings are applied fine and there are no errors in Event Log.

Its like the GPO pushes out the info and then Bing changes afterwards.

James WilkinsonNetwork Security AnalystAsked:
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Did the machines come with the Office Starter/Bing Bar "freebie"?

I suspect this is where it comes from...

You need to uninstall that "foistware" and check all start-up items to get rid of this...

Good tool for this is Trend Hijackthis...
James WilkinsonNetwork Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
In Programs and Features BING was listed but it did not explain what it was exactly so i removed it (I know its Microsofts Search Engine but didnt know why it would be installed as a program) it took 5 minutes to remove from a new net book which suggested it was a big program.

I am unsure why they would do this, i'm guessing Microsoft are attempting to compete with Chrome.

The machines did come with Office 2010 starter and i removed that too.

I have used Trend Hijack This but i never thought i would have to go to each machine and spend time on this - not that i am unwilling or lazy but i struggle to comprehend why MS have created such a messy embedded search engine.

Some people on forums i found while google researching suggested i should move to Firefox as its much more simpler. The children using these machines are between 6 - 10.

Would you suggest this as a possible solution \ workaround?

Firefox is NOT recommended as it is very insecure and prone to malware...

If you desire an alternative browser, I recommend Google Chrome, but the mose secure (and therefore safest) browser currently is IE9!

Also, what you removed was probably the "Bing Toolbar," not Bing itself!  I also recommend that ALL toolbar add-ins be removed from browsers (unless absolutely necessary) as they impact performance and interfere with normal operation.  Most are installed inadvertently, anyway!

You never mentioned, by the way, if the original has been cleared up...

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