SBS Server keeps running out of space on C drive

Hello Experts,
Our SBS 2003 R2 server has a strange issue: It keeps running out of space on the C drive. However, usually a restart helps clear the problem and restores it to having about 6GB free on the disk (out of 25GB in the partition). Do you have any idea what is wrong with the server that could cause it to run out of HD space like this? It also recently has been emailing warnings once a day about some sort of MSSQL$Sharepoint service being stopped. (However, I did try to uninstall sharepoint last week, since we don't use it, so how can I stop this error message?)
Thank you!
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Seems your pagefile  grow and when you reboot it just used initial size.
you shoudl move your pagefile to another drive.
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
How do I do that correctly? I thought I had done that already (but maybe not correctly),  but is it possible it needs to be done again?
Darius GhassemCommented:
First before rebooting I would use to see what is eating the space up. Once you have determined this you will be able to fight the issue.

Pagefile by default does not clear so, unless you have this setup I don't think the pagefile is causing the whole problem but you could move this to another partition with more space
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see atthaced screenshot
can you  provide the screenshot..
in screenshot i have for C drive. but you should have for another drive...
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
Okay, here is windirstat
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
And here is what is using all the space. Also page files was already set to 200mb on the C drive.
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
Can I delete those log files? What are they for?
ok.. you can also keep treesize utility. this is really handy is scanning what folder is taking how much space.
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
Wait, isn't that what windirstat just did?
most of the time we can delete them..
just make sure they are not sql server transaction logs..

just see the content of few logs.. and if you think they are of no use then you can delete them.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Yes that is exactly what Winstat did. I don't see anything you have posted. No attachments.
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
how do I know if they are sql server transaction logs? It seems to freeze up notepad whenI try to open them.
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
Oh, here they are. I must not have hit the attach button after uploading
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
The contents of the 30mb logs will open in notepad, the others say too large of filesize for notepad to open. The 30mb just keep having the server IP address, followed by SUBSCRIBE, GET ,PUSH, etc and the email addresses
these are iis logs. delete them..
Goto IIS Manager, under properities of these virtual directories (in your default website), uncheck Log .. so that it does not occur again..
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
Okay, so some show up in black and others in blue. Is it safe to delete all of them?
just delete the blue ones.. as these are .log files... can you provide what is the extension of black ones..
Darius GhassemCommented:
Delete those then go through the recommendation to disable these logs
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
it is .log as well
Go ahead and delete them..
jeffschickAuthor Commented:
okay, I deleted all of them. Now disk space is up to 14.5gb
Darius GhassemCommented:
Make sure you disable these
Great. as you have disable iis logs.. this should not happen again..
 take care

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
> Great. as you have disable iis logs.. this should not happen again..

Great - and as long as you have them disabled, you'll never be able to tell if someone is hacking your mail server/web sites and IIS related services.

Rather than follow what I consider poor advice about both deleting logs and disabling logging, MOVE THEM.  ARCHIVE THEM.  Don't DELETE and don't DISABLE.  Will you ever need them?  Who knows.  But I HAVE had to review them for clients on occasion.  NOT EVERY CLIENT, but sometimes it happens.
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