Exch 2010 DAG and replication

I have a network that currently has a DAG with 2 servers at the main site. Then there is a remote site with a DAG with 2 servers, then there is a standalone exch 2010 server at another remote site, and last there is another remote site which does not have an exchange server at it but would like to replicate the DAG possibly here.
So my question is, how do I or what is the best way to replicate DAGs from one site to another for DR purposes?
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abdulalikhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you are right but the standalone will not be replicated. We are only talking about DAG replication.

For activating the DR you require a manual intervention it cannot be automatically shifted in case of a SITE DR.
To create a DR site depends on your requirements. But to explain DAG expansion, for each DAG a Mailbox Server should be placed at the DR site. A Single CAS/HUB should also be added to DR site to provide Client access and HUB transport depending on the number of clients and email load.

For Example, If you have 3 DAG in your environment and you want to create a DR site for every DAG, you need to put three Mailbox Servers either Physical or Virtual at DR site, plus at least a Single CAS/HUB server.
vmichAuthor Commented:
So for our setup then since we have 2 sites with a DAG with 2 servers and one site that has just a standalone exch server, the dr site would have to have 3 vm's to accomindate the DAG replication, one to each VM?
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If you want to create all the sites a DAG then you must set up three VM / Physical servers for Mailbox roles only.

To further Elaborate:

Site 'A': 2 Mailboxes 'DAG1'
Site 'B': 2 Mailboxes 'DAG2'
Site 'C': 1 Mailbox 'DAG3'

Every site should have CAS/HUB servers to facilitate the DAGs.

This is without DR.

With DR you just need to include at least,

3 Mailbox servers one for each DAG and at least a CAS/HUB server.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Planning is very important, before setting  up DAG. In your case, you are in site mode DAG. Moving to Global DAG is complicated and might required lot of work. You need to consider lot of things, A) Bandwidth, B) Current Server, can they handle Global DAG load. etc. Better to stick to site DAG. Also you need to see, if it is worth setting up DAG over the WAN.
vmichAuthor Commented:
Ok just to make sure I am on the same page as you,,
I have Site A DAG 2 servers
Site B DAG 2 servers
Site C standalone exch 2010 server.

DR Site needs:
1 VM for site A (mailbox server)
1 VM for site B(mailbox server)
then one of the above vm's in the DR site has to have CAS/HUB running on it.
That wahy with this setup, if any of my DAG's goes down, their db's would be at the DR site which would keep the mail flowing correct?
vmichAuthor Commented:
Ok so basically if a DAG site goes down, what you have to mount the DB's at the DR site to for them to be able to get their email?
There is a process to do the failure and failback, I am sending you the below article to understand the DAG and failure and failback.


You can browse directly to the DR parts if you have the general understanding.
vmichAuthor Commented:
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