Session object path retrival

i have Session.setAttribute("year",year); year contains the year id in Integer format // that is i am setting the data to session .

my Q is how to know from which previous pages in a project , from which this year is coming   .. i.e. year.

i wish to  get the class name /  page name  either from  the session object or is there any method to get the whole details of this circumstances..

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Unless you store that information on the Session as another attribute there is no way to know from what page the year value came from.
darien_softwareAuthor Commented:
yeah thats the problem, anothe programmer has created it and he is not there now am i am doing the maintainence part and no doc record regarding this session..
for past three days searching and couldnt find any..please suggest some other way out
You can try searching all the source code for the string setAttribute("year" perhaps that will point you to the right place.

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darien_softwareAuthor Commented:
i am manually checking each source fill to find out about it but its too vast there a way / tool in eclipse which can search through all source code and point out where that string is
Ctrl+H, enter the search criteria, make sure Scope is set to Workspace, and hit Search.
darien_softwareAuthor Commented:
ok will try and get back..thanks wdosanjos
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
>>>>>by: wdosanjos give correct answer
Ctrl+H, enter the search criteria, make sure Scope is set to Workspace, and hit Search.

in more accurate use file search tab in the search window .....
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