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If we assign the IP address in  /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and if we restart network, it works fine. Once we restarted this IP address register in router ?
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Could you please re-ask your question?
mokkanAuthor Commented:
Once we assign the ip address to network interface and once restarted the network, does our IP get register with our local router?
Sergsystem administratorCommented:
(Sorry for my English)
What do mean "IP get register with our local router"?  You trying to change IP address on router or on end-user PC?
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mokkanAuthor Commented:
On my PC,
Sergsystem administratorCommented:
(Sorry for my English)
IP-addresses is not registered in the router. In the router "recorded" IP-subnets and routes between them. If the new IP-address belongs to the subnet that is already recorded in the router, you have nothing to worry about.

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Does the configuration uses static ip or dhcp ?
Are you talking about registering your host name to the router with an ip address?
 Please be more specific on the question:
What do you have done, what do you expect from the config change?
mokkanAuthor Commented:
I have problem understanding the routing and switching how it works. If  I  understand correctly,  If I assign a IP address , netmask and gateway addresses to my host , does switch or router know about this server information?

I'm missing some basic concepts here.

For an example, if I'm copying a file from one host to another using IP address how does it work? Can you explain in step by step in networking level?
Sergsystem administratorCommented:
Try to look at this document "How LAN Switches Work"

Also look at this "The TCP/IP Guide"

Unfortunately, my English is not good enough to detail explain anything =(.
Hi,  I do not understand very what you want to do, but it will explain something, when your copies of a machine with IP address to another computer with direction IP, the communication takes place by means of tcp IP.

read this
hmm, how to make it simple.

Use the same netmask for all of your hosts on the network, including the routers LAN side.
for example That will allow your network to connect 254 devices.

Use DIFFERENT IP addresses on all your devices, but only in the last digits, for example;;, etc
For the router it is a good practice to set the last portion of the IP address to 1. like

Now your devices can see each other, but they cant see the internet through the router.
Try command ping <> from one device(computer) to another.

To have your devices use the router's routing capabilities, you have to tell them which way to send the packets. That would be the gatway address, which is the routers LAN interface address

For Name resolution (DNS) use the same IP address (

If your router already behind another router, make sure that your routers WAN address, and LAN address are from a different network. for example if your WAN interface address is, then you should use a different so called subnet for your devices (and Routers LAN address), for example With the same subnet, routing cannot work.
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