adobe photoshop 5.1 crashes to open a new or existing file

Two employees have switch computers, one of them running win 7 64-bit log on to her user profile without problems except when trying to open a new or existing file file on Photoshop. this never happened under the other employee profile and even now is not an issue. photoshop crashes under an user profile, but it is fine on another. anybody would know why this happens?? thanks!
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David BruggeCommented:
This happens from time to time when a user profile gets corrupted.

Have the user create a new user profile and test to see if Photoshop behaves correctly. If so, transfer the old profile settings to the new one and delete the old one.

If there are still problems, the trouble is elsewhere. Report back and we will see if we can track it down.
fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
i tried log on using a different username and password, but I still get the same error. the original (first) user profile that was use to set up the computer is the only one that is working so far. how can I transfer its settings to the new profile? we are using windows 7 Pro 64-bits. thanks!
David BruggeCommented:
See if this will help.

BTW, Are these computers on a network, and if so, are the users opening files that are stored on a computer other than their own?
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fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
yes the computers under the same domain network. yes we tried to move the file from the server to the desktop and we got the same result. It is a user profile issue, files open just fine on the old profile, doesn't matter where you have the file stored; it doesn't work when trying to open the same file from anoher user profile. i think you are right we need to copy the settings of the old user profile, but i am not sure how. thanks!
David BruggeCommented:
Seems I have not been keeping up to date. A brief trolling around the internet suggests that copying profiles in Windows 7 is not quite as easy as it used to be:


might be useful.
when trying to open a new or existing file file on Photoshop.
If your experiencing Photoshop lockups or freezes upon creating a new file or opening an existing file, try to disable or remove your network printer and see if the problem resolves.
Pull the files to her local drive> public folder as opening files from a networked server or shared folder causes slowdowns as well.
Just on the off-chance that you have not yet considered this.

What about the folder permissions for Photoshop, has the current user full rights to the Adobe folders?

c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\  (and structure below)
c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\ (and structure below)

Check the permission setup for the user it works for and modify current user setup to reflect this. Check local admin rights for both users and make sure they agree.

Just an idea.

fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
i have tried to delete all network printers and move the file locally and it did not work.

captainreiss, can you please elaborate how to make sure both local admin rights are the same? it is different when using win7. thanks!
You only need to write down the user account access on machine A (which works) for the user that uses PS to the above folders (security settings), then go to machine B (which doesn't) and apply the same security settings to the user there.

I presume the old user may have had local admin rights, so it makes sense to give the new user the same but verify the the rights for named users are the same for the folders on the relevant machines that they are using.

fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
profiles are on the same machine and on one of them photoshop works fine, but it doesn't work on the newer profile, it is just one machine. I checked the permission and security settings, both profiles seem to have the same settings. should I consider try to reinstall adobe suite on the computer? thanks!
A reinstall is always the last resort, but clearly something went awry.

It could be a corrupt profile or a rogue setting, I hate advising a reinstall bbut it may well be quicker than poking around any longer...
Refs to>except when trying to open a new or existing file file on Photoshop.

Is it when opening a new or is it opening an existing  file there is a big difference..<< when the other User saves a file as a project in their user account is that file stored on that user account? or in a public shared location?
And then another user opens Photoshop from a different location and tries to access this same file in the other users account?
How big is the existing file? project?
You can disable Photoshop save every xxx minutes as this can really grow in size.

This must be part of the cause of the lockup as photoshop would not be able to access these files if the other user saved them elsewhere off the shares?
move the directory save to from Photoshop projects to a public location for all to access?
Set permissions on this folder on all users accounts?
Windows 7 : Managing Access Permissions with Group Accounts

Does that fit better?
Good call!
Thanks :)
fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
the issue was our nvidia video card. we needed to uncheck the GPU preference and it works fine. thanks!

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fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
my solution works and we just needed to edit the preference on the performace GPU.
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