DisplayPort Adapter not working

I have a few new computers that all have a Display Port adapter.  I purchased multiple DisplayPort to VGA adapters to hook up projectors or a second monitor.  The units I purchased do not have a vga out connection.  I can not get this to work.  I have a laptop with both vga out and a displayport.  I attempt to hook either a monitor or projector and it works fine.  If I try to hook it into the displayport through the displayport to vga adapter it will not work.  Is there a setting I need to change?  

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Gajendra RathodLead System AdministratorCommented:
you mean,  your laptop is connected to displayport and displayport connected to monitor.

Please try below things

1. Reboot displayport  in case it is powered externally.

2.  Decrease resolution of your notebook.

3. Third reboot your notebook and display also.
"I purchased multiple DisplayPort to VGA adapters",  Brand & model will be helpful, also the type, brend and model of computers you're trying to connect.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
I have rebooted and changed resolution. It works fine straight to VGA. They are startech display port adapters. I have both Lenovo m90z and Asus laptops.
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Gajendra RathodLead System AdministratorCommented:
Please update display driver to latest version and check again
Most likely the display ports you have are digital only and not digital and analog so a passive adapter will not work since there is no analog signal. To go from digital to analog(vga is analog) it would require an active displayport to vga. Do you have the model of the adapters you bought? Startech makes active and passive adapters.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
I will check the model of the adapters tomorrow. I have updated video drivers on both type of machines.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
How are you able to determine this information?  They both say DisplayPort 1.1a.  I'm a little confused.
Gajendra RathodLead System AdministratorCommented:
In the BIOS settings, please  set DisplayPort as a default video output.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
There are not any settings under the BIOS for video output.
Gajendra RathodLead System AdministratorCommented:
Please check that Bios is update to latest firmware.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
I will give the BIOS update a try tomorrow.  The computer is less the 6 months old.  I did talk with CablesToGo and it is a passive adapter but they don't seem to think that would cause this problem.
"I did talk with CablesToGo and it is a passive adapter but they don't seem to think that would cause this problem." I think they need to read abit about displayport so they know a bit more about what they are selling.
Here's a quick quote from that link
"The DisplayPort signal is not compatible with DVI or HDMI. However, dual-mode DisplayPorts (marked with a DP++ logo) are designed to transmit a single-link DVI or HDMI signal across the interface through the use of an external passive adapter that selects the desired signal. VGA and dual-link DVI, on the other hand, require active adapters to convert the signal to the desired output and do not require dual-mode DisplayPorts. VGA adapters are powered by the DisplayPort connector, while dual-link DVI adapters rely on an external power source"
Now what not mentioned in that article is there some laptops(Dell in particular) that have added a vga signal to the displayport(and got rid of the vga port) so that it can use a passive adapter, this is not the standard. The majority of system with displayports will require an active adapter for VGA.

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jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
I will order some active adapters today and let you know how they work.  It might take a few days to get in.

Thanks so much.
jamiebehlAuthor Commented:
The active adapters were received and work like a charm.  I can't believe that cablestogo had no idea that the passive adapters would not work.

Thanks for the help.
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