I Need Answers To Fix This Randomness Of The Missing Printed Page’s Header And Footer From Particular Webpages When I Print Within My Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-Bit’s Firefox?

Hello. I am using Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit. I have a question to ask you regarding issues with the printing from my Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit operating system and my multi-function printer (Brother MFC7820N)?

When I successfully installed my Linux Ubuntu v11.10 64-bit operating system I cannot recall exactly what happened, but I know my Ubuntu operating system automatically (no intervention from me) and successfully installed the drivers 'exactly' for this particular Brother multi-function printer so basically did nothing to install the drivers for it. If I go to “System Settings...” -> “Printing” I can see in the “Printing – localhost” window my printer (“MFC-7820N”) with a green check mark in the upper left corner to signify the driver is accepted and fine. So all well in dandy!

Now, this issue:

I notice at times when I print from Linux Ubuntu’s default web browser, Firefox, a particular webpage; randomly I experience (more often than not), the header and footer information missing on a printed (physical hard copy) page that typically we see when we print a webpage from a web browser.

For example, the content that is missing on the printed page in reference to the header and footer information would include the title of the webpage in the upper left corner of the page, the “Page x of y” in the upper right corner of the page, the URL in the lower left corner of the page, and the date or date and time information in the bottom right corner of the page. Yes, every web browser has its own scheme on what and where is in the header and footer of a physical hard copy page.

Quantifying this ‘randomness’ of the missing header and footer issue, it happens to A PARTICULAR webpage and if there are more than one physical hard copy page for that webpage that will be printed, ALL the physical hard copy pages for that particular webpage will be missing their header and footer information. If I go back at another time and try to re-print the webpage(s), AGAIN, all pages of the webpage(s) will be missing the header and footer information as well – no change for the webpage. When I say ‘random” I mean you do not know what webpage (or even the whole website) will give you the missing header and footer information.

I made mention about my Brother multi-function printer; however, I ‘seriously doubt’ that my Brother multi-function printer has any reason to why the header and footers are missing from the hard copy printed pages. It stems from the web browser and the operating system as ‘the source’ for the printing. I described my printer and driver in this question/thread in the event you were curious as to the printer source.

NOTE: I have never had any issues with any printed page’s header and footer missing using this Brother multi-function printer on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system. This includes my Windows’s Firefox web browser with never having any printed page’s header and footer missing. That is why I am thinking along the lines of Linux Ubuntu issue in combination with Ubuntu’s Firefox and the particular webpage or even website.        


1. Why this randomness of the missing printed pages’s header and footer from certain webpages when I print within my Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit’s Firefox from my Brother MFC-7820N printer? Please explain.

2. What answers or solutions can you suggest to remedy or fix this issue so I never have this randomness of a missing printed page’s header and footer? Please explain.

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Are the ones that have issues are framed?
Is it possible to include the urls of the sites that you are talking about?
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ arnold:

Hello again. Nice to see you again.

Thank you for your comment.

First, please explain when you say, "Are the ones that have issues are framed?" ...specially the word 'framed'??? I just have never heard it stated in that way before.

Okay, the URLs that you have mentioned I can not recall all of them from my mind; however, I can tell you of one right now as I was going through my real physical trash for one hard copy print that is missing the header and footer. I found a hard copy print without the header the footer printed. The URL is: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu . Yes, Ubuntu help files I was recently reading.

Okay, I had originally scanned one (first page) of the pages that printed WITHOUT a header and footer information and attached it to this comment for your inspection. Please see it. Please do not mind the double-like image you can see through on the back. I used a piece of paper with double sided print. The point is you can see NO header or footer information with this printed hard copy from this webpage. NOTE: It is kind of strange to see the upper (top) and lower (bottom) horizontal line or bracket-like marks the webpage content. Reason: unsure.

I then decided to see what the Firefox's "Print Preview" option would look like on my Linux Ubuntu's operating system for this SAME website. Please see the attached screenshot for your inspection regarding this. NOTE: I was unable to get the whole webpage captured from the screenshot capture program, you only see the header at top. Yes, the footer is indeed there too. As you can see both the header (and yes, the footer too) ARE THERE. SO WHY CAN NOT THE HARD COPY PRINT HAVE THE HEADER AND FOOTER INFORMATION TOO???  

Just for the heck of it and as a little experiment, I booted into my Windows 7 64-bit operating system and used the SAME webpage using the SAME web browser (Firefox) to print out only the first webpage and to see IF I would receive a header and footer information on that hard copy print. Sure enough, I DID!!! Hmmm...

So it appears to be something going on here either or both Linux Ubuntu's Firefox web browser and/or Linux Ubuntu operating system itself -- obviously.

Any suggestions or solutions to this issue now?

I hope this helps in trying to find a solution.

Please reply.

Thank you!
framed means that HTML frame tags are used.

I can not explain.
See if you adjust the page setup prior to printing whether that will help
adjust margins, to .5 instead of 1 or vice versa depending on your existing setup.
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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ arnold:

Hello again. Thank you for commenting.

From your last comment, I am in need to understand how to 'adjust margins" in Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit please. I am not sure where I go within the Ubuntu system and the steps in order to do this. I am rather newcomer when it comes to Linux Ubuntu. Please provide me the instructions. It does not hurt to try your suggestion.

Please reply.

Thank you!
Ref: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1320279

not sure why you have this behavior.
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ arnold:

Hello again.

Thank you for your latest comment.

Not even beginning to read your latest comment because I was not on this EE forum yet, I had to print out a webpage document while on my Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit operating system and the header and footer information sections WERE THERE on the webpage document. So I decided to try it here with the sample webpage I have provided above in my comment ID: 37833927. I decided to re-print it and this time I HAD RECEIVED both the header and footer. I saw through my Firefox's "Print Preview" screen that the header and footer information had been placed with character spacing above the header and character spacing below the footer as if there was a small space now on both ends of the page document. With this shown in the Firefox's "Print Preview" screen, I can receive my header and footer. Earlier, there was NO character spacing above the header or below the footer; therefore the header and footer was not getting printed IT SEEMS. Earlier too, the header and footer were on the top and bottom of the documents edge. So this issue is solved by 'some unknown thing' I would assume.

Now, can you please explain in your words why or what made this header and footer re-placement or spacing correction??? I am willing to listen to your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or facts.

Personally, I cannot recall what I even did to correct for it.

Please reply.

Thank you!
Sure, ....;-)

My guess is that you may have adjusted the margins on the printer settings i.e. instead of 0, or .25 for top/bottom margins you now have .5 or larger margins.

I am as glad as you that it is now working, but not in a possition to know exactly what changes may have occurred to correct this.
It could be that you adjusted settings within Firefox to control its layout control rather than allow the site designer to control margins/settings using CCS, DHTMl, etc.

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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ arnold:

Hello again.

Thank you for your prompt comment.

Okay, let me state that 'I did nothing' to the print setting associated with the printer or Firefox. This is a mystery!!! Maybe, just maybe it could be been some update from the Ubuntu Update Manager??? Who knows?!?!?

Anyways 'it appears' fixed -- I say that because since we do not know the cause, we do not know if the cause can reoccur. I will see.

In the meantime, I am closing this question/thread -- unknowingly resolved on its own!

I am awarding you the Accepted Solution, but yet you didn't have any answer specifically to the resolution of this question/thread. Neither did I. So, in good faith and your dedicated work (only expert) to assist me, I am going to award your last comment above the full 500 points since you indicate you do not know either -- the closest tangible answer you can give me. It is a good reference to the 'answer' to this question/thread for the EE database.

Again, thank you for your help!!!
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