Cannot open excel 2003 in excel 2010 get error message


I am trying to work on excel files on Windows 7 2010 Excel and when I try to open the files saved in XP 2003 Excel I get the message
The file youa re trying to open'www.xls', is in a different format then specified by the file extension...

when I try to pen it it looks like crap
I am opening it off of a thumbdrive (double checked to make sure that the files are in fact working...they openied great in 2003)

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theras2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds as though there's something weird about the file that makes 2010 think it not a normal 2003 xls file.  Try this:
In 2003, open it go to File, Save As.  Make sure the filetype is 'Excel Workbook *.xls' (or something similar) and save it as a new filename.
Now try opening this new file in 2010.
Hi, groovymonkey.

Could you post an example of one of these files, please? (Please make sure there's nothing sensitive/confidential.)

groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
The worksheets have been saved as .xls in 2003 (even tried to save them under the older file option...still not opening...I cannot post them as to make them sanitized I would have to obliterate everything (headings etc)...sorry...I will try tomorrow to save jsut a blank sheet in 2003 and bring it to 2010 and see if it works
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Thanks, groovymonkey. For the sample file, it would probably be best to simply add a new sheet to one of the problem files and then delete all of its other sheets. (Not forgetting to save it with a different name!)
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
Perfect will try this out tomorrow...I do not have access to a machine with 2003 on it tonight
And just for your own testing purposes, here's a sample 2003 file created in 2007 (it's what I have at home).  Try that in 2010.
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
Okay 2003 created in 2007 worked will upload a file tomorrow...sorry got off track
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