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A-record in TLD same name as sub-domain under the TLD, not working.

Hi All

I have two zones


within the zone file lipsum.com I have an a-record that is "stg IN A"

when i do a dig for that record it returns nothing, is this because I also have an actual zone named stg.lipsum.com?
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1 Solution
set the A record within the delegated zones file and retest. As the zone is delegated I dont think the root domain would be responsible for that record.
jedblackAuthor Commented:

I though about that, but then it would be "stg.stg.lipsum.com"
jedblackAuthor Commented:
so in the qa1.lipsum.com bind zone file. I created an A-record called...

qa1.lipsum.com. IN A

I was originally doing "qa1 IN A"

That seemed to work...
jedblackAuthor Commented:
I found the fix on my own.
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